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Time for mom

How does motherhood change a woman's brain?

Artist Sarah Walker once said that motherhood is like discovering new rooms in a house where you have long lived. Writing simpler and without imagination - motherhood changes a lot. Nothing looks the same as before the baby is born. This is an undeniable fact. Each of us experiences it.
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Small child

First aid - it's worth remembering!

First aid is the topic that could not be missing at We asked Grzegorz Nowak, a paramedic and first aid trainer at Stay & Play, to comment on how to proceed in an emergency. It's hard to even imagine how complicated it is to give first aid to your child ...
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Spongebob makeup for kids

If your child is one of the thousands of followers that SpongeBob has, we will teach you how to make a fantasy makeup of this cute character so that you can dress him up.On our site we teach you, step by step, how to make a SpongeBob makeup for complete a fun children's costume.
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Pregnancy / Childbirth

Are more and more twins being born in Poland?

Strolling through the streets of Polish cities, you get the impression that double strollers are no longer an unusual, but standard view. Twins of different ages can easily be picked up in a crowd of children playing. The supposition is that multiple pregnancies are becoming more common. However is that true? Scale, or what the numbers say Research conducted in the United States in 2012 shows that as many as 3.3% of all born children are twins.
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The first baby soup - how to prepare it?

Soup is one of the first dishes of the baby after milk. At first glance, it is very easy to prepare, allowing you to quickly modify the ingredients if necessary. However, the child is not an adult, so the baby soup should be prepared in a proper way so that it is healthy, but at the same time tasted by a small taster.
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Parent kitty

Exorcised salt for preschoolers

Maciej Orłoś on his Facebook profile presented a photograph received from a "confused parent". A kindergarten child was supposed to get this packet in a religion class. One commentator explained: "Exorcised salt is used during baptism in a traditional Roman rite. The priest gives her to the child's mouth during baptism.
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