Siblings conceived at the same time are born with an interval of 3 years

In Nor-thamp-ton-shi-re in Great Britain, siblings were born in an unusual way: Char-lie and Geo-r-gi-look-and-look -no, though ... there are three years between them between them. How it's possible?

Richard, the father of children, is struggling with cancer, which is why, according to the instructions of doctors, he decided to freeze sperm. His older son Charlie was born in vitro and three years later Georgina. Children were conceived during the same in vitro surgery.

Doctors are impressed that the birth of children conceived at the same time, but born with an interval of three years, was even possible. They emphasized that it was only in this way that the sick father of the little ones could wait for the offspring.

Natural insemination during undergoing radiation and chemotherapy would not be possible. Therefore, in vitro, it gave the only chance for the couple to have children.