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Mom saves time. 4 easy ways

Mom saves time. 4 easy ways

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Dear Mothers, do you also think that Sisyphus must have been a woman? In addition to daily household duties, childcare, and often work, we still have a lot to do in terms of embellishing the body. Hair removal of the eyebrows, hair removal from the legs, armpits, hair dyeing, nail painting are just a few examples of activities that we constantly do to be able to feel at ease. Of course, it is well known that the role of mother unfortunately limits us ... sometimes. Every day we dream of a beautician, Spa treatments, massage, but we love our kids so much that sometimes we prefer to play with them than, for example, go to the hairdresser. I don't have to convince you that such thinking is wrong and that you can reconcile everything. Today I will offer you several ways to keep the wolf full and sheep, i.e. how to feel feminine and not lose too much time.

Peeling effect like in a salon ... time saved at home

Homemade coffee scrub: do you think this is something complicated?
Nothing simpler, Dear Mothers!

We need:

  • ground coffee
  • shower gel and / or body oil
  • some time


  1. Pour 4 tablespoons of ground coffee into a cup.
  2. We pour this coffee over with your favorite body wash gel or olive oil.
  3. We mix the whole consistency (it should be quite thick).
  4. We moisturize the body with warm water to better spread the peeling.
  5. We use the mixture, massaging the body, as with any other peeling, i.e. we massage each part of the body in circular motions, especially where we have stretch marks.
  6. We rinse.


  • firm and pleasant to the touch skin
  • saved time

Let's remember that coffee has a beneficial effect on our skin. After the treatment, our skin is firm, pleasant to the touch, pleasantly stimulated and fragrant. The mixture itself can be modified as desired, adding cinnamon or sugar.

A few moments for nails

We often give up painting nails. Why? Because the varnish dries for a long time, so we are simply afraid that it will not dry before we have to do something.

Someone thought of people who suffer from lack of time, and want to have beautiful and colorful nails. That is why the second product worth buying is fast drying nail polish
e.g. from Avon, Maybelline etc.

The range of colors is quite large, so surely each of you will choose a nice color. The product works very well because we save a lot of time on drying the varnish. We have little, and using fast-drying nail polish we only use our time to paint our nails. We do not have to worry about getting clothes dirty, accidental start of varnish, and above all the lack of time!

Washing and moisturizing in one

Another proven way to save time is ... baby oil! Dear mothers, have you already benefited from its beneficial effects on your skin? If not, the easiest and fastest way is to add a few drops of olive oil to your bath, or you can also use it after a shower. Then rub the olive into a wet and dry body. Then we wipe the whole body with a towel as usual. Simple right?

The skin will be soft, pleasant to the touch and fragrant. If your child has atopic dermatitis and uses dermocosmetics, e.g. bath oil, you can also try them out. They certainly won't hurt you. I encourage you to try this method. You can use the saved time for rubbing in the balm to read your fairy tale to your sweet little one.

A way to say goodbye to the night

Sleepless nights, dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyelids ... Should I exchange? Does it happen to you too? In the morning we look like ... zombies. And we have many reasons to look fresh. Fortunately, however, there is advice. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend: tea! Not drinkable this time.

We will need:

  • boiling water
  • fridge
  • cotton balls
  • black tea bags (not flavored)

We prepare wraps in a very simple way. Namely:

  1. Pour tea bags with boiling water.
  2. Soak cotton balls in tea.
  3. Put cotton swabs and bags (which we also use) in the fridge for a moment.
  4. We take it out of the fridge and put it on closed eyelids.
  5. We relax for about 15 minutes.

When we have tea compresses on the eyelids, we can apply a cucumber mask (chopped cucumbers) on the face. Then not only the eyelids but also the skin of the face will benefit from our moment of relaxation.

Dear Moms, are you already thinking only about trying out all these methods yourself? These are just a few examples of how we can feel a bit like real princesses in our home. Also, do you think we save time this way? I hope you liked these four suggestions. Or maybe you know some good, home ways to feel fresh and comfortable? Let's get to work! We must feel beautiful!

PS. I'm testing a beer hair mask. Report soon;)