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"In kindergarten"

"In kindergarten"

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When should you start to tame a child thinking of going to kindergarten? Specialists emphasize that the sooner the better. How? Talking, telling, showing, and of course ... having fun. In the latter, didactic materials help, especially books that children love. "In kindergarten" guarantees good fun.

Guido Wandrey's book is not only read (because there is relatively little text and focuses on the description of the pictures), but above all he watches and entertains searching for individual elements in the picture. There is something to do because the pages are large (the book is A4) and a lot is happening on them.

It is true that the picture of the kindergarten is quite scary: there are many characters on it, spilled paints, overturned toys, scattered cards, stained children, hiding boys, looking for girls, emotions and words. Just look for a moment to almost hear the noise and sounds of fun.

There are many details on each of the 14 pages. Will you find everything I ask you?

Thank you to the Czarna Owieczka Publishing House for providing a copy of the review book.