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Eight months is time ... for artificial nails?

Eight months is time ... for artificial nails?

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The photo you can see below is a photo of Bryce Gruber, editor of It was to be created after Bryce decided to offer her daughter something "interesting". Her goal was fun, nothing more ... because "artificial nails" knock on the table top so nicely ...

This photo caused a lot of negative comments. The author explains that it is just fun, that she did not make her daughter sit and wait for her to apply more layers of artificial nail. It took a moment and everything was ready. Nail removal was similar. The manicure kit was given to the author for free and simply decided to use it.

Bryce Gruber explains that she is an "ordinary" mother of two children.

However, is playing in an infant's manicure just fun? Is this not crossing certain limits?

Personally, this photo does not make me laugh. I don't know why they were made. Should mother play this way? Maybe I'm exaggerating?


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