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Cloud B.

Cloud B.

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A cute turtle that helps children fall asleep is hit in many countries around the world. Cloud B, although it has many fakes, is a universal product for toddlers around the world, the only night lamp of its kind available in many colors, but characterized by the same: just press the button and a colorful sky with constellations appears on the wall or ceiling. You can show your child the stars and constellations: Ursa Major, Dolphin and Whale.

This toy can easily become a child's friend, facilitating falling asleep and reducing stress resulting from fear of darkness.


  • availability in several versions,
  • time control: switching off the toy after 45 minutes,
  • the toy is light
  • easy to clean
  • pretty,
  • works on 3 AAA batteries (batteries last for a long time).

The manufacturer recommends a toy for children from three years.

Cloud B has our daughter (less than three years old) for several months and loves her. From the first day she received it, she remembers turning it on before bedtime every evening. I don't want to fall asleep without the colored lights above my head.

The turtle can also be included for younger children.

It is a toy that will definitely work in every toddler's room. A good gift for an older child and younger child.

I would recommend!