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Mustela Stelaria Repair Cream

Mustela Stelaria Repair Cream

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Mustela Stelaria Repair Cream is the first proposition from Mustel that I had the opportunity to test. The cream surprised me pleasantly and quickly changed my skeptical approach to a known, though expensive brand.

I definitely confirm the general opinion about Mustel. It is worth investing in this type of cosmetics. Even if we pay PLN 50 for a 40 ml product, we can still be happy with the effects it guarantees.

Stelaria cream from the manufacturer's description:

  • regenerates,
  • soothes
  • restores balance.

The manufacturer created it for newborns, infants and young children.

It can be used on:

  • eczema,
  • local allergic changes
  • face and body skin irritation,
  • changes around the mouth
  • dry, scaly patches,
  • traces of insect bites,
  • scratches,
  • abrasions,
  • traces of chickenpox.

In cream, noteworthy are:

  • copper-zinc-manganese - which accelerate skin repair, stimulate cell renewal,
  • BioEcolia - a patented active ingredient of natural origin that restores balance, reduces the risk of infection.

The manufacturer also puts such information on the packaging that the cream accelerates skin regeneration, reduces burning and itching.

How is it in practice? We applied the cream on traces of mosquito bites (the daughter, like her mother, when she was young, is allergic to these insects, hence after the bite on the skin there is a large swelling and a lot of redness). The cream, compared to known Fenistil brands, was much better at dealing with mosquito bites, allowed faster swelling reduction, and then healing the morning.

When applied to abrasions formed during play, it regenerated the epidermis. It is very efficient and thanks to the extended applicator-shaped tip it is easily applied.

That's why I recommend it!