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A "doll" that outrages

A "doll" that outrages

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The story that begins a heated discussion about a certain doll, or rather a "sex doll" begins in China, where the mother, looking for a toy for her daughter, came across a strange offer. Shocked, she decided to make the case public.

Adult doll

Dolls that allow to meet men's needs are and will certainly be. And it would not be surprising if it wasn't for the manufacturer's special offer, which came up with the idea to propose a doll with the appearance of a child, actually 8-10 years old.

This doll could be obtained (it could be, because two days ago due to protests and buzz on the Internet, it disappeared from the store in which it was made available) for $ 178. According to Huffington Post UK, 57 dolls found customers in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany before removing the product from the store.

The Chinese manufacturer well advertised the product, indicating, among other things, that the doll is flexible (illustrated in graphics) and that all "three holes are ready for use".

Good decision ... after a while

We are writing about the case now, when the doll was withdrawn from the store, so as not to unnecessarily inform about the "interesting offer", which in the opinion of sexologists working abroad was an excellent breeding ground for pedophilia and rapists.