A-Pueri baby cream

A-Pueri baby cream

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A-Pueri baby cream is an offer from the Polish manufacturer Kosmed. The beginnings of the brand date back to the 90s, when the manufacturer decided to launch products using natural ingredients and homeopathic medicines.


There is nothing disturbing in the composition of the cream: unfortunately, until. The ingredients at the top of the list are well known: aqua, paraffinum liquidum, lanolin, zinc oxide, but the farther the worse. At the very end, parabens appear, whose negative impact has already been repeatedly signaled in the media.

Although parabens are traditionally used preservatives in cosmetics (they occur in about 90% of products), they are suspected of having an estrogenic effect, may promote cancer, and also have an allergenic effect.


The preparation has a slightly yellow consistency (due to sea buckthorn oil), which contributes to dirtying clothing (the manufacturer informs on the packaging). Fortunately, all dirt disappears quickly, just wash it in a standard washing program.

Nice smell

Plus for a nice, delicate fragrance and quick absorption. The manufacturer took care of choosing a good tube, from which, after pressing, a small amount of product is extracted.

How it works?

Due to the composition, I did not want to check the effect of the cream on the child. I can describe the impression after applying to dry hands: the cream is doing well, moisturizing and leaving the skin soft and smooth. And finally minus for availability.

Is it worth using it? There are many preparations on the market, in my opinion better. Composition scares me away, but everyone has to make the decision.

75 ml, price around PLN 15


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