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When does a child give up naps?

When does a child give up naps?

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A nap during the day is an important moment during which your child can regenerate and cut off from excess stimuli. It is necessary for the child to organize everything that has happened in his mind and gain strength to continue playing. The baby naps several times a day, the number of naps decreases over time, and the duration of one rest increases.

How is a one-year-old child sleeping?

When a toddler ends the year, he usually needs two naps: before noon and afternoon. Some children give up a second nap long before their second birthday. A lot depends on the toddler's individual predispositions and temperament.

A nap is an important time not only for the child, but also for the parent who can regenerate, do some work or spend time on pleasures. The sleep time of the baby brings the longed-out relief for the parent.

When do children stop sleeping during the day?

Some children do not sleep during the day after the age of two. Usually in this situation they sleep for twelve hours or more at night. Although the toddler gets grumpy in the evening, an attempt to put him down during the day results in him going to bed later in the evening, having fun until late hours or getting up at the crack of dawn.

That is why some parents are of the opinion that it is better to let the toddler give up his nap and allow a longer night's sleep than putting on "by force" during the day. There is no point in forcing your toddler to nap, leaving him to cry. At best, a good way is to lie down with your child, read a fairy tale, or quiet fun, which will make a tired young child sleep.