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"Motherhood without icing 3"

"Motherhood without icing 3"

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"Motherhood without icing - what will dad say?" Is the third edition of the charity project for the seriously ill Mikołaj Kamiński. In the next volume of the anthology, not only mothers but also fathers talk about their parenting experiences.

An e-book with all texts was sent to the editor's address. Yesterday I readily read it. And I would like to share my impressions with you.

However, before I do it, I give the floor to the organizers again:

In the introduction, Łukasz Kielban, author of the blog, considers what are the expectations of fathers in the modern world. On the following pages, fathers and mothers discuss topics close to modern parents, including syndrome of overworked fathers and mothers who feel lonely while living in relationships, the presence of the father during childbirth. Our authors wonder if children must obey their parents, get what we did not have and whether they should be grateful to us, they discuss what a partner division of responsibilities is and where the border between child safety and parental protection lies. About how to remain true to your principles, while respecting the authority of the other parent, write: the author only, the best blog in the category "Literary and cultural" in the competition Blog of the Year 2012 and Krzysztof Ziemiec, a journalist of TVP. We also do not run away from difficult topics: Agnieszka Sujata, author of the book "Huśtawka" and blogger Sebastian Łukomski ( talk about life with autism in the background, Małgorzata Rybarczyk-Bończak, author of the blog and Marcin Kamiński, father of Mikołaj (mikoł, they write how they deal with the incurable disease of their child.

Some articles are moving, for example those about the birth of children, others move, others inspire discussion. The undoubted advantage of the anthology is its diversity. All the authors introduce their style, thoughts and share their experience. Some carry so much positive energy that they strongly encourage them to quote them. Below I have selected for you some, in my opinion, interesting fragments:

"They've got the partnership gene. We should allocate unlimited funds for its extraction and then its dissemination. No worries about the moral aspect of the project. For the sake of the highest good of the nation. From the island of Uznam to Ustrzyki. "Magda Kiełbowicz, mother of Staś (7), Ida (4) and Miłosz (2)

"I never wanted to be a single mother. I didn't marry, I gave birth to two children year after year to be alone with them. No no. My husband is alive, he is still a husband, I have not divorced and we still live together, although "we live" is a bit too much said. Despite this I am a single mother ... "Marta, mother of Frank (6) and Helenka (4)

"Bombarded by the world with images of horror and destruction, we believe today that life is an extreme sport and we pass on our fear to children. Crawling helmet, knee pads, breath monitor or mother's guardian angel stepping step by step into the playground - these are all manifestations of fear that is born in us and which will then go into the world behind our children. The question is, do we want this? ”Małgosia Dawid-Mróz, mother of Amelka (3)

"I ceased to have the ambition to become a perfect mother with my second child. The third taught us humility, patience and
self-control - throughout the first year of his life, he did not sleep even half a night, tormented himself and nothing, literally nothing, did not work on it. He has grown up to be a great guy! ”Second mother and her numerous offspring (biological and surrogate) between the ages of 3 and 26

Popular bloggers also wrote texts for Mikołaj: Małgorzata Dawid-Mróz, author of the book "Bajki o życia" and the blog, Aleksandra Michalak, author of the book "Matka Sanepid" and blog, First wife (first wife)., Paweł Lipiec (, Maciej Ślużyński, representative of the publishing house and many others. Graphic design was provided by: Anna Betlejewska (, Katarzyna Pac-Raszewska ( and Maciej Mazurek (

All profit from the sale of anthology goes to the account of Mikołajek at the Children Foundation "Zdążyć z Pomocą". All authors and publisher gave up fees for a sick boy.

The anthology is available at the RW2010 Publishing House // % 203 - two previous volumes are also on sale.

I recommend spending 18 zlotys on the purchase of an anthology. Especially now before Christmas. It's a good investment. I am convinced that reading the collected texts can be inspiring and on Christmas can make long evenings more attractive by breaking popular movies or series.