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"I was born when my son was two months old"

"I was born when my son was two months old"

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This is an offer for one evening. A book of about 70 pages, which can be read easily at once, can be addictive, but it can also disappoint. A short story has the right to force a comment: how is this over? As soon?

You can reach it for various reasons. For pleasure? Entertainment? Or maybe to learn something new, learn the true story of people who had the courage to reach for their own happiness? It seems that the most important thing is that Beata Szynkowska writes to the encouragement of hearts. He invites us to listen face to face about the story of the birth of a mother, father and child, and then creating a happy family, wants to share a piece of his life. And he has a good cause. He wants to give hope and joy to others. Because he knows that in this way he can give something else: courage to make dreams come true.

The book is written for Kamil, son of Beata. It arose from the need of the heart to emphasize the great happiness that came to the author and her husband when they unsuccessfully tried for a child. When the treatment and in vitro did not bring the expected effect, they decided to adopt. This does not mean that it was easy. However, they succeeded ... And when they finally became parents, Beata became pregnant. Something happened that the doctors said was impossible.

The biggest advantage of this publication is honesty, feelings that pour out of the pages of this story. The plot was not created by wild imagination. Life wrote her. And that's why it's worth getting acquainted with it. Especially when, like the author, we are looking for our child. Believing that it is out there somewhere ... and waiting for us to find them.