Top commentator - competition results

Top commentator - competition results

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The portal is already two years old. It's amazing how this time passed quickly ...

For two years we create for you a page that we want to prove that you can be a happy, fulfilled parent and have a happy child (although you can not count on idyll), that you can combine several life roles (but it is not as simple as it can be read in many places) that there is no one recipe for luck, that there are as many people, so many characters, so many ways of raising.

And although many people accuse us of publishing controversial articles, we propagate unpopular theses and write boldly about what you will not read about in other places, despite many pressures, we are not going to change.

Parenting is too diverse to lock it into a tight frame. We will not limit ourselves to them. We guarantee it to you. What will happen next? We are definitely gaining momentum, we are finally entering the third year of life :)

Thank you for being with us and inspiring us to work intensively!

And since you are also creating this site, we would like to invite you to the competition.

Competition's rules

1. Comment on any article on the site (it may be from this week, but you can also search the site and vacuum older articles with your statement).

2. Before adding a comment, enter the lower case letter "k", which will allow us to distinguish between "normal" comments and "competition" ones.


"K. You are totally wrong Dear Author, because ... "and here you write substantively why you disagree or ... what you think about a given topic.

3. Only substantive comments will be considered.

4. Remember to enter a valid email address. Only entering the real address will allow us to contact the winner of the competition.


  • The main prize is PLN 100 in the form of a voucher for shopping in a selected online store.

Note, however: the store chooses the winner of the competition The store must enable us to purchase the voucher via the internet and hand it over to the Competition Winner. We decided that we will not indicate the store in which to spend money. We leave you free choice.

  • 2 consolation prizes: surprises.

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from 16 to 31 January (until 12 o'clock).

Detailed regulations top commentator.

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