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Magnetic Ocean Sketcher Smiki chalkboard

Magnetic Ocean Sketcher Smiki chalkboard

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Blackboard is a legendary toy that lets you play without end. Draw, then smear and draw again. Younger children can try their hand on the board by applying first lines and children's works of art. Over time, a blackboard can serve as a home reminder of what to do on a given day. Parents can put different types of tips on the board for toddlers, thanks or nice words.

To play

The board is a great toy for parents and children. At the beginning you can demonstrate to the little one how to draw a house, and like a circle, to encourage the child to draw on his own. It is true that the toy is intended for children from three years of age, but under the care of parents it will give the opportunity to spend time interestingly to younger children - sometimes around a year old, and certainly a year and a half.

To learn

On the blackboard, children can not only draw. They can also learn to write the first letters and numbers. Under the guidance of parents, they are able to learn how to hold a drawing pen, roll it over the board, press the stamps, etc. A convenient handle allows the board to be moved efficiently, and the holes for stamps facilitate their storage without the risk of losing them.

Even the youngest children are learning how to assess the effects of their actions using a blackboard - they are able to observe that pen stroke causes the appearance of a sign, and shifting one element means that everything that was drawn so far disappears.

What does the producer mention - Smiki? The Blackboard introduces children to the world of drawings, shapes and learning to write. It helps develop imagination and teaches eye-hand coordination.

Hit Smiki

This toy wins the title of the hit, because it is light, it can be easily taken anywhere with you (to the car, park, grandma, or even to kindergarten), it gives many opportunities to play together: you can paint on it, learn to write, play Noughts and crosses, play with puns, etc ... In addition to the pen on a long enough string, it also has stamps that allow you to imprint circles, hearts and stars.

The toy is also durable and universal: it has a chance to appeal to both girl and boy. The screen does not deform even after long use.