Mimi Cutishelp body lotion

Mimi Cutishelp body lotion

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Products from the Cutishelp Mimi Egzema line were created for the daily care of sensitive skin of newborns, infants and children. The manufacturer used in their manufacture as the active substance: pharmacopoeial hemp oil, vitamin E, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, glycerin, allantoin.

The manufacturer ensures that the Cutishelp Mimi Egzema balm:

  • moisturizes and nourishes the skin,
  • soothes, regenerates, reduces irritation, skin tension,
  • relieves itching,
  • relieves inflammation,
  • regenerates the hydro-lipid coat.

The product is recommended for urticaria, AD, solar dermatitis.

The balm has a fairly rare consistency. Despite this, it is quickly absorbed, you do not need to pat or grease it. It works gently. Cannot cope with major changes and irritations. However, it has a natural composition and therefore does not irritate the skin in itself, which is very important in the case of a delicate structure. In addition, systematic use has a positive effect on the skin, improving its protective properties.

It is worth considering the products from the Cutishelp Mimi line for everyday use, for prophylaxis, with unrestricted changes. And although they are unlikely to cure large changes, they have the chance to strengthen the delicate skin, thus facilitating its care.

The preparation has a fairly intense smell that may disturb. Fortunately, it evaporates quickly. You can also complain about the high price (for this we subtract half a star).

Price around: 32 zlotys

Overall rating: