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We test the most popular stretch marks creams

We test the most popular stretch marks creams

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Which stretch marks cosmetics are worth using? What are worth attention? Thanks to which it is possible to counteract the formation of scars and which are suitable for reducing already existing changes?

We test Dax Cosmetics Perfecta Mama, Fissan, Pharmacers M. Tocoreduct Forte.

Dax Cosmetics Perfecta Mama - an intensive preparation against stretch marks


He passionately absorbs all knowledge about raising children, cooking and the field of cosmetics. An ardent supporter of breastfeeding and praising children as often as possible.

Perfecta mama cream is intended for pregnant women from 4 months of pregnancy and during breastfeeding. I started the adventure with this preparation, when light stretch marks appeared on my breasts, around 5 months of pregnancy. I lubricated breasts, prophylactically stomach and buttocks. The cream spreads well, does not stick and smells slightly. The manufacturer suggests that the preparation prevents stretch marks and also reduces the visibility of already existing changes. I used Perfecte twice a day, casually casually in the morning, and in the evening after bathing thoroughly massaged into the skin. I used two 150 ml packs, the effect of which was quite pleasant to the touch skin, well moisturized and I think this is the end.

The existing stretch marks were not reduced by the cream, because they did not fade by nature after delivery. As a preventive measure, the cream did little, because new stretch marks appeared like mushrooms after rain, although I cannot rule out that if it wasn't for my regularity there would be more.

Product price from 25-30 PLN. Having quite a lot of knowledge of cosmetics, I knew that such a cream would not protect me from stretch marks, but next time I would probably also reach for it. Firstly, it moisturizes very well (and moisturized skin is less susceptible to stretch marks), secondly, it contains only natural ingredients, which makes it safe for the baby and, thirdly, has a fairly low price in comparison with other preparations against stretch marks, which work similarly .


I have two wonderful daughters who are my whole world. I want to be a good fairy for them and color their world with joy and fulfilled dreams. We spend every spare moment together.

The product is specially designed for pregnant women and young breastfeeding mothers. Its composition is safe for both mother and child. He received a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.
I used it from the first months of pregnancy. It has a delicate, pleasant smell and an appropriate, not uncommon consistency. The manufacturer has also provided convenient packaging - a soft tube placed on the cap, which greatly facilitated daily use. It is well absorbed, great moisturizes and slightly oils the skin. Quite a long time after application, I felt that I used it and if it would be a bit annoying in "normal conditions", it suited me during pregnancy because it soothes irritation, a feeling of skin tension and persistent itching, which has faithfully accompanied my last weeks of waiting for baby. Thanks to it, I managed to avoid stretch marks throughout my pregnancy, and after giving birth helped to make the skin more elastic and firm. Like all preparations of this type, it requires consistency in use, because only then can the desired results be achieved.
I regret that I did not have it with me during my first pregnancy.
The balm contains concentrated extracts from Centella Asiatica and Divine Grass, vitamins E-C-F and sweet almond oil.
The product has been dermatologically and clinically tested.


He propagates the idea of ​​being a "bad mother", allowing a child to sleep with a cat in one bed, eat a cake raised from the floor and watch TV. He writes not only about the glare, but also about many shades of motherhood.

As a future mother and a person extremely susceptible to stretch marks, I bought a cream while still pregnant. The first choice fell on this product. Because the tummy wasn't big yet, I decided not to invest thousands in creams. It was probably more about a sense of self-care. After the whole tube was used up, the feelings were rather mixed: the cream was far too weakly moisturized, did not alleviate the feeling of skin tension and was absorbed so quickly that it could not be massaged. After an hour, I could use it again, because I didn't feel any preparation on my skin. For me, Perfecta Mama cream probably only worked on the psyche.