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She would never have children. Such pregnancy happens once in 25 million

She would never have children. Such pregnancy happens once in 25 million

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Charlene Medlicott at the age of 15 learned that she would probably never have children. This did not prevent, however, a few years later the birth of double twins - such advice occurs once in 25 million pregnancies. In December 2011, four foursome were born - girls looking identical: Gracie-Lou, Rosaline and Amalia-Rose Connaughton.

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All four girls were conceived naturally. Pregnancy with four fetuses is considered to be very rare and potentially dangerous. Polycystic ovary syndrome, which in the doctor's opinion was supposed to significantly reduce the woman's chance of becoming pregnant, was to contribute to its creation.

When twenty-year-old Charlene learned that she was pregnant, the doctor recommended removing two fetuses to increase the chances of survival of the children and a successful termination of pregnancy. The young woman disagreed. After delivery, the children had to remain in the hospital for several days, where they received specialist care.

Today girls are over two years old.

There are 70 identical fours in the world.


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