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Plasma Car

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The Plasma Car is the only proposition available on the market created for older children. Dedicated to two-year-old and older children, and really also adults.

Our three-year-old easily mastered the technique of movement on it and the ride-on proved itself while driving at a load much higher than 15 kilograms. :)

We tested the Plasma Car ride at home, outdoors, in dynamic driving, when pushing with our feet, as well as with our feet comfortably placed on the ride and while moving the steering wheel.

The ride-on did not even creak under the weight of my daughter's mother, as well as her dad's :) It really speaks well for him.

The Plasma Car has been made of durable plastic, it is quite large, so it is able to accommodate a few-year-old or his parents, and even a child and a parent. You can sit on it and push yourself with your feet, as well as move the steering wheel, which allows you to move slowly without pushing your feet.

The ride is available in several colors, to choose from on the page. The choice is definitely wider than in the case of the proposals of other manufacturers who, by offering rides for young children, provide products in one or two colors, less often three and more.

The Plasma Car is quite loud, but it is a feature of virtually all cars. It is also quite large, so taking it on vacation can be quite difficult. However, it works perfectly at home. It is also the easiest to use the option of steering a ride with the steering wheel, in the outdoors this option was much less attractive for the daughter, because she did not let her reach too high speeds.

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