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Meet moms just like you!

Meet moms just like you!

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The reality of the first months after delivery is usually similar. The husband or partner works, often from dawn to late evening, friends run between work and home, trying to reconcile all duties, and the young mother often feels lonely, put aside, condemned to talk only with the child. Often this is not enough. There is a need to go out "to people", meet women who in a given period are in a similar life situation. Thanks to this, walking, going to the playground and even shopping become more pleasant.

Scientists have often proved that social contacts are not only a matter of "pleasant escape" from duties, but the real need of each person. Decisive for a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

A simple way to meet new people

Often, relationships among young mothers are made naturally: during walks, in the playground, in the store. However, not everyone is brave enough to start a conversation. There is also a fear that the other person is also seeking to expand the group of friends. That is why the first "online" contact often seems easier.

I was fascinated by the idea of ​​the social website, a site created by my mother, 14-month-old Sonia. Thanks to the service, mothers from a selected city can arrange walks, games with children or simply coffee.

How it's working?

All you have to do is join the website (you can also log in in 3 seconds using Facebook) and set the appropriate status, e.g. "I am looking for a mother with a child up to one year old for walks". You can join groups of mothers from a specific city. The website was created a few days ago and already offers interesting possibilities.

What will be next? I don't know that, but I keep my fingers crossed for the page and congratulate you on the idea!

Interested We refer you to the site: here.