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Integra Toys - blocks full of imagination

Integra Toys - blocks full of imagination

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Blocks are probably the best gift we can give a child. You can play with it in many ways and over and over again. There are so many possibilities that the chances of getting bored are low. Especially if the parent encourages the toddler to spend time in a creative way and has the joy of creating "something" out of "nothing".

Integra Toys are blocks that give the impression of "ascetic", "minimalistic". Made of natural raw materials (wood) and without additives (paints) stand out from the background of what great stores and fashionable shopping centers offer us.

Sealed in a canvas bag, they do not impress at first glance, but after opening the package they hold their attention for longer. Why? Because it is something different, unusual, non-standard. Something completely different, interesting, which itself "sticks" to the hand, and on the lips brings questions about the next possibilities of combining elements and what else can be created using these blocks.

The individual elements are carefully made, smooth and unlike plastic - warm. They fit well in a small hand and thanks to special grooves allow you to fold the structure without using tools.

Building blocks can be used to build a rocket, motorcycle or random geometric patterns.

Construction blocks can be obtained in several versions (with fewer or more elements). The manufacturer gives its products a 50-year warranty.

Construction sets are available from PLN 95.

I would recommend! They work great with us!