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Littlest Pet Shop

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"Pet Shops" are small colorful animal figurines with disproportionately large moving heads and eyelets. Manufactured by Hasbro, due to the small components designed for children over 4 years of age.

I saw the "Pet Shop" dog for the first time 4 years ago. My daughter's friend told me about her collection (which had several animals at the time). For the next birthday of Mała, I decided to present her next figurine. There was a problem with the "Pet Shop" shelf ... I was shocked by the number of animal species, dog and cat breeds, etc. It was not without consulting a friend to avoid duplicating the gift. Finally, I chose the fish and the cat.

I thought that the fashion for small animal figurines would pass quickly. Manufacturers are inventing new toys and children quickly forget about something they had dreamed of just two weeks ago.

And here the interest in "Pet Shop" or thought is over. It is true that Hasbro is doing everything in their power to keep their little admirers at PetShop. Occur new species of animals, animals with tattoos and glitter and various accessories for them. In addition, many children demand from their parents houses, similar to those created for dolls, in which their tiny figurines, or vehicles, thanks to which they will be able to move, can live. Toys can also be played in the water, throwing fish and other fairy-tale creatures into it. Children like such games very much and spend many free time on them: playing in the theater, exchanging them, taking them everywhere and presenting their collections to all those who are able to devote a few moments to them.

A single figurine costs around 16 PLN, but in some supermarkets I sometimes hunt a pet for around 10-12 PLN. You can also buy whole sets of "PetShop", then the price often exceeds PLN 100.

Despite quite high price, Littlest Pet Shop figurines I consider a hit. For several years, children have not forgotten about them and continue to collect. Characteristic figures among the children of my friends and family are girls from 3 to 10 years old. I had the opportunity to see the collection of 146 figurines. It's impressive!