13 places worth taking a three year old

13 places worth taking a three year old

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A three-year-old is no longer an infant who needs to be carried, changed and fed with a bottle. Therefore, going outside the house is limited to comfortable clothes, bottles with drink and sandwiches (possibly snacks). A three-year-old child is already very interested in the world and willingly visits and learns new places.

And although the playground is usually the most desirable play area, from time to time, both the child and the adult will need an interesting trip. A trip to Disneyland would be ideal, where you can spend whole days on great fun, but in this article we limit ourselves to those more easily available, which are usually located near our home.

Agritourism center

The child can be taken to an agritourism center, where the toddler can observe the feeding of animals, milking cows, as well as learn about rural customs. Often in such centers you can organize a bonfire or barbecue, and in the winter a sleigh ride.

An interesting place is, for example, the "Brzoza" resort near Toruń, where you can fish on a fish pond, play on the hay, jump on the trampoline, ride a horse carriage, feed pets, etc. the program: a demonstration of kneading butter from milk with tasting, riding on horseback, forest walks, archery (for older children).

If not an agritourism center, for example a horse farm ...


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