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When with the child to the dentist?

When with the child to the dentist?

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Before the first teeth appear in the baby, parents are advised to take care of their oral hygiene. And so at least after the evening feeding parents wipe the baby's gums with a cotton swab dipped in water or infusion of chamomile. When the first teeth appear, it is best to take care of their hygiene and good habits from the beginning daily brushing. And this usually ends with caring for the teeth, while they are very important regular visits to the dentist.

With the first teeth for the dentist

Dentists agree that tooth decay is a problem not only for adults, but also for children. It is estimated that caries in Poland has 60% three-year-olds and as much as 85% six-year-olds. That is why visits to the dentist should not be postponed and you should go as soon as possible.

The first visit can take place after the end of the first year: your dentist will check that the teething is going correctly and assess the condition of the child's mouth. Systematic, preferably every 3 months, visits to the dentist's office will make the child get used to the review and will not be afraid of the dentist.

If we visit the dentist as soon as possible, he will be able to fight the caries in the bud and watch over the correct bite of the child. Certainly, do not delay the visit to the dentist until advanced tooth decay or pain appears, it is dangerous for the baby's health and can also have a very negative effect on his psyche.

It is very important to care for milk teeth as well as permanent teeth, because caries is hard to treat and unfortunately usually spreads to other teeth. Tooth decay can very quickly destroy milk teeth, which sometimes need to be removed, and this may already be the case adverse effect on eruption of permanent teeth and correct bite.

Choosing the right dentist

Finding the right dentist to visit with your child is not so easy. You have to realize that it is this first visit that will affect the child's attitude in the future. That's why it's better to choose checked dentistwho has first and foremost patience and can encourage a child.

Of course, you can take your child to a doctor specializing in pediatric dentistry, but you usually have to take into account additional fees. It's best to ask other mothers where you can find a dentist worth recommending.