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5 signs of "genius" ... or why my child is better than yours

5 signs of "genius" ... or why my child is better than yours

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The conviction that our child is a bit smarter and a bit more beautiful than all others is inscribed in parenthood. We already have it.

It's rather good- the child should know that his parents are proud of him and that he is most important to them in the world. Unfortunately, we often get carried away. Just that one innocent "what? Can't do it yet? For a long time, mine knows! That he would wake up in mothers rush to rivalry. What do mothers bid for the most? What drives them into complexes? What "supernatural" skills do they find to confirm the intelligence and uniqueness of their toddler? I present a short summary.

1. Only two teeth? Mine is eight!

Every mother deals with inventory of infant's teeth. The first, felt even before even leaning above the gum level, awaited like Saint Grall - infuse with pride. The next ones carry smaller emotions ... until. Because suddenly somewhere on a walk in the park or a family meeting someone makes young mother realize that the number and speed of teeth eruption is of key importance.

It is not known what this keyity is, but the fact is that tooth race this is the first in which our toddler participates (thankfully unknowingly). Of course, mothers are the driving force. Suddenly it turns out the more and faster, the better (they say we have strongly toothed), or the opposite they will come out faster, they will break faster (this is how they defend toothless mothers).

2. Oh, I see that he is just crawling? Mine already walked at this age.

I remember the pride and joy that accompanied them my daughter's first steps. There is probably no parent who does not feel pride at that moment.

Unfortunately, some mothers draw from the fact that their child began to walk faster than their peers wrong conclusions.

The child's motor development is not dependent on the child's intelligence or the parents ’intentions. Rapid motor development is evidence of ... rapid motor development. For nothing more. It does not guarantee future physical fitness greater than its peers, it does not guarantee the Olympic medal. It doesn't matter if your baby starts walking at 10 or 15 months of age. Absolutely none.


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