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Children born in August

Children born in August

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August is the eighth month of the year, the third month of summer. He is 31 days old.

The name of the month comes from the sickle used during the harvest, in the international version (August) from the great Roman emperor (August is the month in which August expanded the empire to Egypt). It refers to sunny days and the spontaneous sign of the zodiac: the lion (July 23-August 22) and a calm, orderly virgin (August 24-22, 09) at the end of the month.

Children born in August

Children born in August are naturally talented. They work best in professions related to art, public life, medicine, research and management.

People born in August have strong, dominant characters. They easily make new friends and are highly rated in the group.

They are often reckless and amorous. The Financial Research Institute has additionally established that children born in August may be more often threatened than those from September (in countries where children born in summer are the youngest in the class) and have less chance of achieving success in life.

In August, according to research results on average, more hairdressers will be born than in other months of the year.

Lions are natural leaders, people willing to help others. Maidens, in turn, do not mind hard work, they are stable and constant in feelings.

Stronger and higher

Studies show that children born in spring and summer are higher and stronger from those born in autumn and winter (the study was conducted on 7 thousand people from Bristol). It has to be related to being in the sun and stimulating the production of vitamin D.

August stones

August symbolizes peridot (olivine and chrysoline), whose name can be translated as "abundance." Once this stone was considered to be more valuable than a diamond. It is one of the few minerals that occurs only in one color.


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