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Mommy, how beautiful you are - sunbathing

Mommy, how beautiful you are - sunbathing

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Did anyone mention that summer was already this year? Because I have a beautiful sun and it looks like the summer season is starting for good. But what would summer be without a beautiful brown tan? Just a moment in the sun, the skin darkens slightly, and joy appears on our face .... a small thing and enjoys - because tan gives not only a more beautiful, healthy look, but also an optical slim body. . It happens that sometimes it is not possible to sunbathe in the sun, and then other methods of "darkening" the skin come to the aid, how to get a perfect tan just need to apply a few tips below.


The sun often pranks us and doesn't give us a chance to sunbathe, but once you've come to the perfect weather, there's no waste of time. It is worth the day before properly preparing for sunbathing. Evening peeling and proper moisturizing of the skin with balm is the basis. At least daily before sunbathing, we do not depilate (regardless of the method of depilation), we do not drink St. John's wort and give up some medications (antidepressant, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, antibiotics and sometimes birth control pills - it is best to read the leaflet).

An hour before sunbathing, it is best to apply a special suntan lotion with a filter. Blondes should definitely choose a high factor balm, while brunettes should choose a low. Do not worry that a high factor will not allow you to tan your skin, although it will be less tanned, but you will avoid burns. The balm should be rubbed after each bath and every time you wipe your body in a blanket or towel. In particular, care should be taken to moisturize the skin of the face, as it may easily burn itself.

After sunbathing, pat a moisturizing moisturizer to nourish the skin. Avoid sunbathing at 10-14 hours, we can expose ourselves to sunburn, which leads to serious skin diseases. Remember to protect your head and eyes during sunbathing. Let the hat and sunglasses be an inseparable element of sunbathing. The basic rule is: do not overdo it, red burned skin does not look aesthetically pleasing, it burns and itches, accelerates aging, is prone to dryness and wrinkles.


The tanner is one of my favorite cosmetics, which often saved me from oppression. Sometimes there is no time for sunbathing, and the skilful use of self-tanning will allow for a quick and aesthetic tan. The great advantage of these cosmetics is that they don't harm our skin like the sun, because they work superficially. Self-tanning products are not among the best-smelling, so you have to be prepared for an unattractive scent, but why bother with it, after all, its task is to give color to our skin and not smell?

Many people give up self-tanning after the first use, because they leave streaks and uneven tan, which is not a disadvantage of the cosmetic, but improper use. And it doesn't matter if the self-tanner costs PLN 10 or PLN 100, all you need is a proper application and we can enjoy perfectly colored skin.

Before using the self-tanner for the first time, it is worth doing an allergic test on the wrist, because, like any coloring cosmetic, it can contribute to an allergic reaction on the skin. We also remember that we do not use self tanner for freshly depilated skin - wait at least one day. In order for the skin to accept the tanning agent well, it is necessary to get rid of dead epidermis and smooth the skin. I do not know a better method of smoothing the body than a solid peeling, you can buy it in a store or do it yourself at home. Even peeling with ordinary table salt will help get rid of dead skin.

The next step is to pat the moisturizing lotion thoroughly into the body. Once the skin is perfectly prepared for "tanning", it's time to use a self-tanner. There are many companies and shades of self-tanner on the market. The choice always depends on the color of our skin and the effect we want to achieve.

Blonde with light skin should not reach for a strongly bronzing tanner, because it will look unnatural. It is best to choose a slightly bronzing cosmetic regardless of the color of our skin, so as to gain some skill, and if the color is insufficient for us, you can always apply the cosmetic again, which will increase the intensity of the color.

You have to be very careful when applying the cosmetic. The tanner should be massaged well and evenly until it is absorbed, as spots will remain where the thicker layer is left. It is recommended to start applying the tanner from the thighs, although I think that the method is not very effective, because when applying to calves and feet, we lean and wipe the cosmetic from the thighs against the abdomen or shoulders.

It is best to start applying the cosmetic from the feet, a small amount of the cosmetic is enough to massage it into the skin, then calves, thighs and buttocks, especially remember to rub the cosmetic properly under the knees. Then apply the cosmetic on the shoulders, stomach, back and neck (with someone's help). Finally, it is worth brushing your face with your self-tanner, because with a darkened body it may look unnatural.

Now it remains for us to wait, suggesting the instructions on the package, then to enjoy a beautiful tan. The bronzing balm can be less invasive, which is applied daily and after a few days gives the skin a light tan, admittedly we can not count on the effect of a self-tanner, but certainly we will avoid spots and uneven tan.


When it's raining or winter comes outside, and we dream of evenly tanned skin, a tanning bed will help. The solarium mainly emits UVA light, which guarantees a long-lasting tan. Just a few 8-12 minutes to get the first effect. To fix and intensify tanning, you need several visits to the solarium. There is nothing to delude yourself that we will go once, lie down 15-20 minutes and leave tanned - rather scalded, and the effect will be red, and then flaky skin.

If you decide to have a tanning bed, there will be at least 3 sessions of several minutes, each time you can increase the tanning time by 3-4 minutes. After returning from the solarium, it is worth patting in the body with a moisturizing lotion. If we care about health, let's not delude ourselves that a solarium is safer than the sun, it has been scientifically proven that UVA light is just as dangerous to the skin as UVB radiation.

Shower solarium

Recently, a new method to obtain a beautiful and even tan is a sunbed. Solarium, but only by name, because no light is used for sunbathing. Tanning in this case involves spraying the beautician with a self-tanning preparation. The tan effect is very similar to using a self-tanner at home, but we can count on an even and spotless tan. The skin color remains for about 1.5 weeks, but the treatment can be repeated at any time, because it does not harm our skin in any way. Unfortunately, this is a rather expensive way, you need to spend about PLN 80-100.


Do you care about nourished skin and beautiful tan? Try the nutrikosmetik with beta - carotene. Just a month before going to the beach take a special preparation that will accelerate tanning and prepare our skin for solar radiation. Capsules can be purchased over the counter at the pharmacy. It is also worth taking them later to maintain the tanning effect for longer. You can also supply your body with beta - carotene in its natural form - by drinking carrot juice.

Regardless of which method you choose to get a beautiful tan, remember about moderation. A tanning bed, just like the sun, can burn our skin, and too much self-tanning will give us an unnatural look. If you are afraid of the sun and do not trust tanning, you can try to give the skin a darkened color at home. Just half a glass of tea (with coffee grounds) pour boiling water and wait until it cools down. Then thoroughly massage into the body and enjoy the brown skin. There is only one minus - the effect is short-lived.

And what method of tanning do you prefer? Write!