If a man were breastfeeding ...

If a man were breastfeeding ...

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What if the man was breastfeeding? If this glory and glory flowed swiftly on him? Then what? Would we have a problem with feeding places, promoting nudity and fear of displaying a breast for a hungry baby, or would we talk about lactation terror, honest mothers who feed on the mixture and are all and condemned? Would men breastfeeding simplify? Or maybe they completely abandoned them, claiming that it was too difficult, too demanding?

Can a man breastfeed?

Funny question, right? Of course it can't ... in practice, because in theory the most. Small male breasts have milk ducts. The male body also produces prolactin and oxytocin, the hormones responsible for lactation. There are even stories that men, by stimulating the nipples, were able to produce milk, but no one knows what the composition was.

Most often, the production of milk in male breasts is a sign of pathology, testosterone deficiency and is associated with the formation of "witch's milk" - as this condition has been determined. Sometimes I am involved in hormone treatment, for example in prostate cancer. In these situations, breast milk is a side effect. However, sometimes men's milk may arise for other reasons: provide baby food ...

Then female hormones are used to stop the growth of cancerous tissue, and breast milk is a side effect. Read more at //,nId,449554?utm_source= paste paste & utm_medium = & utm_campaign = firefox

Then female hormones are used to stop the growth of cancerous tissue, and breast milk is a side effect. Read more at //,nId,449554?utm_source= paste paste & utm_medium = & utm_campaign = firefox

Ah, this prolactin ...

This does not happen often, honestly: it does not happen almost at all, but scientists have proved that men can breastfeed at a similar level to women. In young mothers, already during pregnancy, the pituitary gland produces prolactin, this hormone is secreted in more than 10 times more than before pregnancy. It affects the milk-producing glands that make up 'white blood', as natural human milk has been called.

The effect of producing prolactin in large quantities can also be achieved by hugging, spending time with the child and stimulating the nipples. That is why women are able to relax. There is also a chance of producing milk for adoptive mothers.

The effect of raising the level of prolactin is also observed in fathers actively spending time with children. This explains why men from the AKA Pygmies tribe were able to breastfeed their children. For the same reason, in 2002, the first page of newspapers hit a father who breast-fed his daughter after his wife's death (click).

Milk may form in the breasts of adolescent boys, and may also appear in infants (female or male) breastfed.

And if a man were breastfeeding ...

So we agreed: nature is wise, preventive, cunning, created a man with nipples for a reason. She gave him the opportunity (in extreme but still) to breastfeed.

What if she chose men instead of us: women? If men were breastfeeding, or if parents could agree together who would take on this responsibility? Wouldn't life be better? Couldn't women sleep more peacefully? Wouldn't they treat their breastfeeding mission too literally? Would the problem of equality and discrimination against women as employees disappear?

Would men not solve the problem of "lactation terror", insufficient support at the beginning of the milky way, would not take care of comfortable places for feeding, maybe even create wardrobes with accessories useful for a young mother: breast pads, diapers, etc., which would be on every corner ?

Not diminishing the ladies, but men like to make their lives easier, what would breastfeeding look like if it was men who would have this duty? Or maybe no one would breastfeed, because men would simply not make it?

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