Low prices for children's products

Low prices for children's products

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Shopping can be done cheaper. Every week, the list published here confirms this. Click and read what has prepared the largest supermarkets in Poland for the coming days.


  • Pampers diapers- In Real, the Pampers Baby Active diaper pack will cost you 34.95 PLN. Tesco has reduced the price of its Pampers Active Baby diaper packaging in midi multipacks, size 3 from PLN 119.99 to PLN 89.99.
  • Cosmetics- If in Real you are tempted to buy Hipp skin care cosmetics at the price of PLN 17.49, you will get 20ml Hipp delicate skin care cream for each selected product.
  • Huggies diapers- The most absorbent Huggies diapers - Super Dry duo pack you get at Tesco cheaper by 15 PLN - for 64.99 PLN.
  • Wet wipes- For a six pack of Huggies Pure wipes (6x64 items) you will spend PLN 23.99 at Tesco. You will pay 20% cheaper than in the past, i.e. PLN 11.99, for two packaging of Pampers Baby fresh wipes. In Carrefour, a four pack of the same tissues or Pampers Sensitive is an expense of 19.69 PLN.


  • desserts- By buying BoboVita desserts in Real 3 in 190g jars you will pay only for two pieces, i.e. PLN 8.58.
  • porridge- You can buy milk and wheat porridge with Nestle 250g yogurt in Real at PLN 10.99 per piece. You can get milk and rice in 400g in Tesco for PLN 11.99. At Auchan, you will pay PLN 6.98 instead of PLN 7.28 for a milk-BoboVita milk porridge in 230g packaging.
  • MilkYou will save PLN 5 by buying Bebilon milk in 1.2 kg packs at Tesco. You will spend PLN 53.99 per item.
  • Snacks- At Tesco, a 24-pack Lubisiów package costs PLN 24. By buying separately for each teddy bear you would have to pay PLN 1.29.
  • Juices, water and drinks- The price of Hipp juices in 500ml bottles decreased by PLN 1.5. At Tesco you will spend PLN 5.49 / item. On Friday, June 29 from 18.00 to 20.00 in the Polo Market for 300ml Bobo Frut juice you will pay only PLN 2.49 instead of 3.29 PLN. Three cartons of 200ml different Tymbark drinks in Carrefour will amount to PLN 2.39 per set. Whereas 4x300ml Bobo Frut juices or nectars cost PLN 9.89.


  • Underwear- You will pay PLN 13.99 for Biedronka for 5 pairs of baby socks.
  • Blouses and T-shirts- In Carrefour, the price of children's t-shirts fell from PLN 14.99 to PLN 10.
  • Sets- You can buy baby sets consisting of shorts and a blouse from Carrefour with a 33% discount. You will spend PLN 20 at the checkout.
  • Outerwear- Thinking about rainy autumn, provide your walking babies with storms. You will get colored coats in Carrefour for PLN 10.


  • For the garden- A turtle-shaped plastic wheelbarrow, filled with useful accessories, is available at Auchan at a reduced price - for PLN 25.95.
  • Fun in the water and swimming lessons- In Biedronka you will get inflatable dolphins and sea lions for PLN 16.99, which will make swimming in the pool and sea more pleasant.


  • Chairs and car seats- You have to spend 30 PLN on Biedronka without a penny chair in the shape of a lovely ladybug or frog.
  • vehicles- Wooden running bikes with 12 inch wheels will get at Carrefour for PLN 109. For an aluminum scooter it costs PLN 40.

Promotion duration:
Real 28.06-04.07
Polo Market 27.06-03.07 or on certain days
Auchan 27.06-03.07
Biedronka from 28.06
Carrefour 27.06- 02.07