Mickey's farm - Trefl game

Mickey's farm - Trefl game

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Trefl offers a game designed (according to the manufacturer) for children over 4 years old: prepared in 12 boards and with a "magic pen" attached.

A large, solid cardboard box with a charming Mouse hides the instruction manual and cardboard cards with various tasks: learning perceptiveness, shape matching, explaining new concepts, expanding knowledge of the world, improving eye-hand coordination. In addition to a few observational exercises, there are also tasks of adding and counting, hence the apparent age category (4+).

What are our impressions?

The game is very interesting and our three-year-old enthusiastically received it. She handled most of the tasks alone (we helped with counting tasks). 12 cards ended quickly, hence the fun lasted for a while (as the manufacturer informs 20-30 minutes). It is a pity that there were no more cards in the set so that you could reach Miki's Farm more often. A few people remember quickly, so it's a pity that the manufacturer was not tempted by the richer contents of the box.

Price: around PLN 30

Age: 4+

Producer: Trefl

Overall rating: