5 incomprehensible reasons why women do not want to breastfeed

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions and choices. I do not take away this privilege, especially for a mother who faces huge challenges in the first months of her child's life. However, I wonder why you don't breastfeed so often for trivial, hard to understand reasons ...

"Because it's disgusting"

Such an argument appeared on our facebook profile. Honestly, when I read that breastfeeding is disgusting, that the mother of two or three children feels disgusted, looking at professional photos of natural feeding, I was speechless. So far, I can't understand why breastfeeding should be disgusting, especially in a beautiful edition, prepared by an experienced photographer and beautiful models, not showing the entire naked breast or real shapes after delivery, but in every respect perfect and refined, even unreal.

I wonder if the definition of natural feeding in these categories is not associated with a deeper problem? Is it not related to denying your own feelings, shifting your own frustration over breastfeeding failure to others? Isn't that the problem? After all, does a mother who is pregnant and who claims that breastfeeding is disgusting in this way do not send an important signal that can not be ignored? Wouldn't it be worth considering why such feelings? Psychologists point out that reluctance to breastfeed may result from unpleasant childhood experiences, low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

"Because my man won't want me anymore"

Some women associate the act of breastfeeding with sexual activity. They say that if they decide, they will give the bust to the child and at the same time take it away from their beloved man ...
They often don't even talk about their doubts with their partner, they make decisions themselves ...

"Because my breasts are sagging"

The Internet forums are full of entries: "I do not want to breastfeed, because I really like my breasts, I am afraid that it will sag" or "for how long can I breastfeed so that my tits do not sag ..."
Stupid sayings? Someone writes them though!

Such statements can be understood in so far as each of us is a woman, not just a mother. The problem is that they show a complete lack of knowledge in the subject. Because breasts change already during pregnancy, so to keep them as we like them, it's best ... not to have children at all. Feeding in this topic is of little importance. Why?

Already during pregnancywhen the concentration of hormones changes, the structure of the connective tissue also changes, especially collagen fibers, which leads to their loosening - this is to facilitate the expansion of individual organs to facilitate delivery. For this reason, as doctors emphasize, after pregnancy (and even without breastfeeding), breasts may be more saggy than before pregnancy.

In addition, it is worth remembering that breastfeeding allows for faster return of the abdomen to the state before pregnancy. That is why the question may be asked: what if the abdomen remains sagging because you decide not to breastfeed? This is a counterargument from the same category.

Voice of authority:
"... all specialists unanimously repeat that what destroys the bust is a sudden change in volume and size. That is, first of all, its increase during pregnancy, excess food (which may result from irregular attachment) or abrupt interruption of feeding (to leave the baby).
To avoid this kind of trouble, it is necessary to follow several rules, such as:

  • Proper distribution of feeds, from early attachment to the breast after delivery.
  • Frequent feeding in the first days of a child's life.
  • Gradual withdrawal.
  • In the case of large and heavy breasts, a good bra that will support it and will not oppress. "Quotation" Milky Way "Claude Diderjean-Jouveau

"Because feeding with modified milk is more convenient"

Until now, infant mothers argue, which is more convenient: breastfeeding or modified milk. Certainly, when the baby is tiny and eats often at night, natural feeding is more convenient. Mother's milk is always ready, at the right temperature, the baby quickly calms down at the breast. On the other hand, however, some mothers emphasize that bottle feeding is easier during the day - in this way we can feed the baby easily in every place, we do not have to take into account a different wardrobe, adapting it to the needs of the baby, besides everyone can replace us in feeding.