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The parent is resting ... and the child is crazy?

The parent is resting ... and the child is crazy?

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A parent is also known to man. Has a need to rest, relax, reset, discard excess baggage and prepare for the challenges of the coming months. That is why he has the holy right to rest. Like any.

However, even in the summer he is a parent. Mom or Dad. Responsible for the child. If he only decided on his behalf, that's fine. His health, his business. But he has a child!

First vacation with a child

No wonder the problem is the shock you can experience on your first vacation with your child. When you need to remain ready - mental and physical, to take care of your toddler. Resting takes on a completely different meaning.

If it has been lazy so far, now it is active - because you run after the toddler or are forced to entertain him, if there was a deckchair before, now there is sand and molds, scooters and antics in the water are replaced with rubber ducks. One can get used to it. However, often not fully. Not 100%.

It is during the holidays that there are mishaps that are nothing but moments of forgetfulness, inattention, slackness that you can't always afford.

Bath everywhere

Bathing on the river, on an unguarded wild beach. Fine. If an adult chooses it - his business. However, if he goes with the child, is he entitled to risk? Is he sure that in case of a problem he will save the baby?

Second point on the forbidden map: fountain. Can you? You can! After all, a child looks so cool when he enters cool water on a hot day, catches a stream of water, immerses his hair, refreshes ... It doesn't matter that the same places, as the city services notice, are also used by homeless people with lichen, animals, people intoxicated with alcohol, dealing with physiological needs there.

The water in the fountain circulates in a closed circuit. It is not cleaned, exchanged, in any way controlled. According to Sanepid, bathing in the fountain, you can catch staph, salmonella, parasites. Using such "attraction", you can get infections, stomach aches, rashes, and changes in the area around the eye mucosa. Not to mention that the fountain is simply not a pool or a bathtub.

A hot head is not a good advisor!


At every step, experts say that tanning is not healthy at all, and the skin of young children should be protected especially. The brown shade that we like and strive for is not a sign of health, but on the contrary - it suggests a defensive reaction of the body.

Still, many babies have red shoulders, burned noses, and sore thighs. Why?

Because parents want to sunbathe and not waste a moment, that's why they visit the beach at noon, instead of in the afternoon as doctors recommend, they use the cream from time to time and not every two hours and after each splashing in the water, and they don't put on shirts on their shoulders, because for what? Umbrella? A tent for the beach? Unnecessary luggage! It's summer, you have to enjoy it!

Unfortunately, any sunburn (redness after tanning also) leaves a mark in the skin forever and increases the risk of melanoma, a malignant tumor, in the future. The baby's skin must be protected very carefully, especially up to 3 years old, until it is extremely delicate and sensitive.