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Departure of the mucous plug - has labor started?

Departure of the mucous plug - has labor started?

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The departure of the mucous plug is considered one of the symptoms of an approaching delivery. And although for many future mothers this is indeed a signal of a fast approaching solution, for some the prolapse of the peg in pregnancy is either imperceptible or occurs a few weeks before the birth of the child. In every situation - there is no reason to worry! Contrary just leaving a mucus plug doesn't really explain when a baby will be born. And that is why it makes no sense to attach greater importance to this fact.

Mucous plug - what exactly is it?

The mucus plug is a mucus from the cervix, which task is to tightly close its mouth in pregnant women. The plug performs an important function - it protects against bacteria and viruses, constituting an important mechanical barrier.

What does the mucous plug look like?

The mucous plug, when it falls off, looks like a thick vaginal discharge - much denser than usual, it has a "gelatinous" form. If the delivery is very close, the mucous plug may be stained red or brown.

Can you not notice the departure of the mucous plug?

It happens that women do not notice the departure of the mucous plug, because the plug goes off piece by piece for several days or already during delivery. When the plug comes off, an increased amount of vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge with a jelly consistency is noticed. It can be stained with blood, colorless or brown.

What signals the departure of the mucous plug?

Departure of the mucous plug signals cervical dilatation. After the plug has fallen off, the baby can move to the birth canal and the delivery can proceed correctly. However, this fact - the spigot falling out - does not indicate an immediate solution. Of course, delivery can take several hours, but it can also start after a few days or even weeks.

However, beware! If the departure of the mucous plug occurs before 36 weeks of pregnancy, this matter should be consulted immediately with a doctor! The same if the falling out of the plug is accompanied by vaginal bleeding.

If the plug is expelled after this date (after 36 weeks of pregnancy) and the pregnancy is physiological, there is no need for immediate contact with a gynecologist. However, it is worth telling about the spigot fall out at the next visit.