Organic Baby Balm Alteya Organics

Organic Baby Balm Alteya Organics

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At first glance, it resembles petroleum jelly. A small unscrewed box, however, hides something that has nothing to do with petroleum jelly. In a small disk there is an organic balm for a child's bottom.

After opening, we do not receive the cosmetics to which "drugstore manufacturers" have accustomed us: neither cream nor lotion in the traditional edition, but a preparation with a delicate texture that is difficult to find on the market. This is something completely new and different!

Typical drugstore ass creams are white, greasy, highly condensed, better or worse absorbed. That's why trying to use Organic Baby Balm Alteya Organics is a surprise. Especially if it's our first contact with organic cosmetics. After touching the surface of the preparation, we will not see on the fingers an abundant cosmetic, rather a glowing surface like oil, which should be applied to the baby's skin. In this way, we get a quite innovative product from the very beginning. In addition, if you mention a rather intense rose aroma, which was obtained in a natural way, it turns out that you can get an interesting cosmetic without unnecessary "chemistry".

The difference is not only in consistency or smell. It mainly concerns composition.

Organic Baby Balm is 100% natural, 99.6% organic, has USDA certified organic ingredients. It is free from dyes, chemicals, UV chemical filters, artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances and any traces of pesticides. In addition, it does not contain petroleum jelly, paraffin, silicones or lanolin called above for the table.

It was developed based on the following components:

  • Organic Olive Oil,
  • organic apricot kernel oil,
  • organic beeswax,
  • Organic Shea Butter,
  • organic jojoba seed oil,
  • organic marigold extract,
  • Vitamin E,
  • organic damson rose oil,
  • organic chamomile oil,
  • organic lavender oil,
  • eugenol,
  • geraniol,
  • citrenollol,
  • linalool.

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