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Fourteenth (14) month of the child's life

Fourteenth (14) month of the child's life

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A child who is fourteen months old can already walk perfectly and even run or just take the first steps.

The development of the little ones is very individual and at their own pace. Usually, each new activity gives children a lot of joy, and the toddler is fascinated by learning about the world. That is why he is constantly striving to touch what is beyond his reach and reach for what is occupied by a parent or guardian. Everyday use items are much more interesting than toys: telephones, TV remote controls, books or newspapers ... A parent looking at a 14-month-old toddler usually can't get over how quickly a child changes. In amazement, he observes the first steps or run with a flash of light in his eye. Repeated words, calling or waving the hand makes everyday life pleasant for the child and the parent. Although also demanding - if mom or dad did not decide to introduce certain rules earlier, it's time to start teaching the child to respect the rules important for his safety. It may be difficult at first, but consistency will pay off.

14 months - this should be able to baby

Although the child's development is at an individual pace, there are certain skills that a toddler should acquire at certain stages of his life. Otherwise, we can talk about the risk of slowing down development, which should be consulted with a specialist.

A child who is 14 months old should:

  • beckoning goodbye
  • stand alone,
  • put food in your mouth
  • take out and put objects from / into the box,
  • knowingly use the words "mom", "dad" or "baba",
  • perform simple commands: "give", "let go", "stand up", etc.

There is a high probability that the child will be able to:

  • bend down and pick up an object from the floor,
  • climb stairs or furniture
  • roll the ball forward and catch it.

Perhaps the child will be able to

  • use three additional words (other than "mom", "dad", "baba")
  • imitate simple activities performed by a parent,
  • build a tower out of two blocks.

Sometimes children before the age of 14 months can:

    • use 6 words or more,
    • to run,
    • go up the stairs,
    • follow two-step commands "stand up and walk", "let go, hold it".

I say no means I am

A child at 14 months of age discovers the meaning of the word "no", which he often utters under various pretexts. It seems to be more attractive than 'yes', just like the horizontal shaking movement itself is more appealing than 'nodding yes'. The toddler feels important because in this way he can demonstrate his identity, test his power and autonomy. It is very important on the way of separation from parents and understanding that you are not part of your mother or father, but you are a separate person.


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