Cheapest shopping - take us with you

Cheapest shopping - take us with you

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Do you want to spend only as much as you need? Buy wisely?

So be sure to go shopping with our weekly statement.


  • BoboVita gluten-free porridge in Kaufland for PLN 11.95 instead of PLN 16.95,
  • Bebiko milk at Polo Market at PLN 25.98,
  • Nan Pro 3 baby milk in Carrefour at PLN 36.99 instead of PLN 40.99,
  • BoboVita porridge in Polo Market for PLN 9.98,

Hygienic accessories

  • Bambi children's cream in Kaufland at PLN 3.95 instead of PLN 5.69,
  • Pampers Fresh wipes at the Polo Market for PLN 19.99,
  • Pampers nappies at Polo Market for PLN 69.98,
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers in Carrefour only on Tuesday 30.09.2014 for PLN 42.99,
  • Wet wipes for children XXL in Lidl for PLN 4.99,

Promotion time

Kaufland 25.09 - 01.10.2014

Real 25-30.09.2014

Tesco September 25 - October 1, 2014

Polo Market 01/07/10/2014

Carrefour 09.29-30.09.2014