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Portable potty / Potette Plus toilet seat

Portable potty / Potette Plus toilet seat

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When the chamber potty begins, there is a dilemma. A toddler who likes to use a potty or toilet seat, sometimes gets confused just a few moments after leaving the apartment. He doesn't know how to behave when he is on a walk, at his grandmother's or at the lake. Do the rules for using the potty also apply outside the home? So why is mother ignoring the "typical" look of pooping?

Physiological needs outside the home

Normally, a parent or child would rush for the potty, but outside, either the toddler is not communicating his needs or is so late that the parent does not have time to go home or find the toilet. Not every mother or dad also enthusiastically considers taking care of the child's needs in the bushes. Then what?

In such situations, sometimes you dream about forgetting the potty and go back to diapers: in the case of an older child or ignoring the toddler's call: in my case. When you are aware that if you plan to say goodbye to diapers once and for all, you should continue learning to clean even after leaving home. Being aware of this, I decided to do something to feel prepared at all times that my daughter would be "encouraged". Especially before we will have to take care of our needs outdoors, without a potty ...

Dilemmas we have a year and a half

From the beginning. The daughter has been communicating her needs for several weeks: actually always in the case of "heavier guns", less often when she wants to pee. At home, the situation looks simple: there is a potty, there is also a toilet seat. With pee, which happen more often, the little one runs to the potty, and with the poop, which appears less often, immediately to the toilet (so that there is less cleaning, and what :)

Such a perfect arrangement at home, but it also showed its shortcomings. To put it simply, I had no idea how to behave when a clear grunt, meaning readiness to give up a pile, began to be communicated in a stroller on a walk or in a shopping mall. I could not imagine undressing my daughter in the middle of the pavement and rushing into the better bushes. My discomfort would probably soon be shared with my daughter ... At this point, of course, one should be careful: there is a lot of mom who copes well in such situations: they will manage to return home, predict the needs of the child, or use the municipal toilet. There are different ways, but I will insist and pay attention to comfort. The one for a portable potty and toilet seat cover is guaranteed.

Travel potty and Potette Plus toilet seat cover allows you to conveniently deal with physiological needs in every situation. It is small, comes with a special bag that makes it easy to carry. It will not fit in a small purse, but in the basket under a small trolley: yes. In a diaper bag also. It is also really light, even a small child will have no problem carrying it.

The potty is very easy to unfold. The manufacturer attaches special bags, cartridges that quickly allow you to close unpleasant contents and neutralize unpleasant odors (checked!). Just throw away the bag like a diaper and we have peace. It's really a super convenient solution. The only minus is the need to purchase additional refills (bags). Potette Plus potty refills are an additional expense. The cost is PLN 13 for 10. The price may not be the lowest, but when using the potty outside the house, for which it was created, it is not prohibitive.

What else is worth mentioning? Certainly of high quality. The Potette Plus overlay is made with great care, durable and stylish. For me personally definitely better in the overlay version than the potty. It avoids the stress of dealing with needs in a foreign toilet (I know of cases of children who refuse it outside the home), always giving a permanent element of the ritual: an overlay that is comfortable for both the child and the parent.

The child quickly gets used to associating the overlay with safety and can comfortably take care of the needs, whether in the store, in the park, at grandma's or friends. Seamless, easy and stress-free. All thanks:

  • non-slip feet
  • replaceable cartridges, eliminating the need to wash the potty
  • a mat that fits on every toilet seat,
  • light, small construction,
  • high durability: the product is not suitable for "wear and tear". It is difficult to look for traces of exploitation on it.
  • universality: recommended for children over 15 months old (potty) and 24 months old (overlay): withstands a weight of 25 kilograms.

What can bother?

  • The potty is much lower than the average potty. A child can protest before sitting on it. Therefore, it is better to work out at home several times before you decide to use it outdoors.
  • The need to buy refills
  • Some mothers say that such inventions are superfluous. You can say that (as a mother myself, I have not tested it yet and I do not know if I will test it: time will tell) use the possibility of dealing with physiological needs in bushes: what has been done by generations of tiny children so far. You can also do it differently ... A quite interesting patent I read about is carrying a disposable diaper, on which a child is blown up, then simply wrapped and thrown in the garbage.

To sum up: the Potette Plus portable travel potty is above all a perfect toilet seat cover for me. It allows you to quickly and efficiently use the toilet in the market, without fear that the child will be peeing in the air and without fear that the toddler will touch the rarely clean board. For all these reasons: a well-deserved HIT!

Thank you to MamaGama for providing the product for testing.


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