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I'm bored! that is why the child does nothing

I'm bored! that is why the child does nothing

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In the morning, the school, followed by extracurricular activities: sports, music, art, foreign language courses, etc., all under the watchful eye of a parent and according to his plan, so that it is wise, developmental, educational and motivating. In today's world this is how many a toddler's day looks like. Holidays, a period associated with carefree and doing nothing, are also strictly planned. They are filled by all kinds of camps, trainings and even learning to better fall out against the class next year or catch up. Boredom is out of the question. The child should not be bored, because then only stupid ideas come to his mind - some will say. However, can't these "stupid ideas" sometimes be surprisingly creative? Let's give children the right to boredom! - pedagogues appeal.

Where does this boredom come from?

For the proper development of the child, it is important that his parents devote as much time as possible to him. Toys, even the most expensive and interesting ones, are much less important for a toddler than a moment spent with mom and dad. An absent parent, both physically and mentally, in the child's life, makes it difficult to build strong ties with the child.

Being together is a priceless treasure, allowing you to get to know each other and consequently better understand what is the basis of good relationships. One should not underestimate the effort that parents put in organizing the time of their children.

However, it seems that paradoxically, the greater part of the toddler's day is strictly planned by adults, the more often, in the case of doing nothing, the child begins to get bored. There are a lot of toys and attractions around, and our child says there's nothing to do. Why is this happening?

One of the possible reasons is that someone who organizes time at every step cannot then find a job on their own. No parent is able to look after their child constantly, which is why they will probably hear the words: I'm bored !!

Embarrassed, he decides to quickly remedy this by inventing more entertainment for the child. Sometimes a child manages to get interested in something. Other times, no offer of fun seems to be remarkable for a little whimper. As a consequence, the words fall: So many toys you have, play something alone. Easy to say. But how? Since he had so little opportunity to learn so far?

Besides, the problem can also be excess (read - my child has too many toys). The multitude of gadgets and attractions that our child is overwhelmed with leads to the fact that it can't focus its attention on any of them anymore and, as a consequence, everyone gets bored quickly.

Creative fruit of doing nothing

It is worth giving the child freedom and let him get bored. Boredom is not bad if it doesn't last all day. Let us cultivate in our little explorer the desire to explore the world on their own, to try different things, to experiment. Let's give him the right to "stupid ideas." After all, we remember our wandering in the woods, climbing trees, wading in puddles - lots of free time and so many idiotic, childish initiatives that did not always end well for us, but always constituted a valuable experience and today create unforgettable memories of our childhood.

Unfortunately, it seems that in the modern world the words: Go, play alone - they are no longer so obvious. For example, many of us, for fear of child safety, would not decide to let the toddler go outside for hours. Reality is changing - we will tell.