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Holidays 2014 - how to spend time with your child at home?

Holidays 2014 - how to spend time with your child at home?

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Soon we will start the winter season 2014. However, not everyone can afford to go to the mountains. The question arises: how to spend a vacation with a child at home? Do cities organize anything special for the youngest at that time? What to do when we are far away from the city?

Holiday plan 2014 for individual voivodships

Holidays 2014 begin for the following provinces: Pomeranian, Łódź, Silesian and Podkarpackie - already on January 20. They will last until February 2. Students on the list are next Warmian-Masurian and Podlasie provinces - 27 January - 9 February. On February 3-16, holidays will fall for Lubelskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Małopolskie voivodships. The last on the list are residents Mazowieckie, Zachodniopomorskie, Dolnośląskie and Opolskie voivodships. Their holidays will start on February 17 and end on March 2.

Winter in the city

"Winter in the city" is an offer for children who do not go anywhere during the holidays. Classes are conducted for a small fee or completely free. Of course, offers vary depending on the size of the city and province. It is worth figuring out what the Culture Center has to offer in our area. We can also get acquainted with the offer of sports and recreation centers, which are preparing something special for children and youth for this period.

When is the city far away ...

If we didn't get to the classes or we are far enough away, we can organize our own vacation. It is enough to plan the time with the child in mind and stick to one simple rule - it can't be boring.

To improve fitness - competition

Let's organize our own competition during the holidays, with our own disciplines and of course the prize after their completion. It can be a slalom with an egg on a spoon, a long jump, if winter resembles more autumn, then we can suggest looking for garden treasures - interesting leaves, nuts, acorns and other treasures of nature. However, if we have a real winter outside - one with snow - then the competition may relate to: building a snowman or fort, hitting snowballs to the target - in this case it could be, for example, a tree.

On worse days, when the window is cold, windy or raining, we have competitions that are easy to move to the rooms. In this case, it can be: throwing a ball into the basket, race of toy cars, tossing balloons and keeping them in the air for as long as possible, looking for treasures - before we hide some toys from the child and leave directions where to find them.

Creative fun idea for the 2014 summer break

Creative ideas are another way to spend time with your child during the holidays. For this purpose, we need crayons, paints, cards, coloring books, yogurt boxes, empty beverage bottles - in a word, everything that can be turned into real miracles. We do not need any instructions for this. Just sit down with your child and play around a little. Preschool kids sometimes have crazy ideas. Seeing a few boxes, they'll figure out what can be made of them, what to add, so that the whole thing looks even more cosmic. We do not have to worry about the cat's alien, or the rocket, or where the elephant's two heads and dog's tail came from. Let's do something out of nothing, just let's spend an unforgettable time with our child.

Another day we can take care of the calculation. Contrary to appearances, this is not only redrawing a picture, but also practicing motor skills. All you need is a coloring book, four paper clips, a clean A4 sheet and a well-prepared crayon or pencil. We put a clean page on the coloring book and combine it with four paper clips - thanks to this the picture will not move and it will be easier for the child to draw. This game is an interesting alternative for children who are not particularly interested in coloring and drawing the characters themselves.

Meetings with friends

If you know each other well or are friends with your child's parents' parents, sometimes it is worth meeting a larger group. Especially during the holidays, when we lack ideas to organize time for our own child. A walk together, a visit to the school playground or going out on a sledge are just some of the ideas that will help our child spend time with their peers.

And how will your child spend the holidays?