Time for mom

Are you sure all inclusive?

Holidays are a time of carefree relaxation. For parents with small children and outgoing teenagers. Unfortunately, recent media reports are very scary. Until now, considered as a previously paid travel trip with a travel agency, it does not guarantee reaching the destination, and may even be associated with the problem of returning home. Not to mention the lack of a money back guarantee. How to save yourself stress?

The falls of travel agencies

The last few weeks have shaken confidence in travel agencies. Fear and disbelief appeared on the tourist services market. If even the giants cannot be considered "certain organizers", then who? In 2010 in front of customers Orbis Travel collapsedand a few weeks ago Triada and Sky Club.

The result was easy to predict: lockable doors to hotel rooms, desperate phone calls to homes, fear and the need to attract thousands of people vacationing to Poland in various countries around the world. Of course, families with young children and teenagers relaxing in camps and camps.

Before we plan a vacation

When planning a vacation or holiday for a teenager and entire families, it is worth doing it in a conscious way. First good to check the financial situation of the tour operator in the National Debt Register. What will this give us? Unfortunately, it may not calm us down, because it turns out that the KRD has as many as 446 travel agencies. However, it will give you reliable information about the company's condition ... Let's remind you that the heavily indebted Sky Club sold trips until the last minute ...

It's not everything. Very important is checking insurance information. It is worth demanding clear, reliable and credible data. When in doubt, we should ask what we have the right to claim reimbursement if the office fails to comply with the contract. You should also check whether the office has permission to organize rest in places where it sends customers.

Many parents because of limited funds during choosing a place to rest is guided primarily by price. However, this is not the best way, especially considering the risky ways of handling travel offers. In the first place we should pay attention to safety, especially if we send teenagers on vacation. Too low a price should arouse our suspicion, especially if it concerns non-promotional offers. The last minute option is also much safer than the first minute option, which is often the result of risky calculations.

It's best to pay attention to office history (the longer the company exists on the market, the more likely we won't complain about it). Certificates, business awards and membership in associations will also be a good signal for us as clients.

In addition, it's worth it check feedback, which are enjoyed by the office, asking friends, browsing Internet forums, etc. All this may require a lot of time and commitment, but it is worth going on vacation, be calm and think only about rest.

Or maybe relax "on your own"?

Sometimes it is worth breaking the pattern, forget about all inclusive holidays that do not require great preparation from us and plan a holiday on your own? Children are usually enthusiastic about the possibility of jointly boring routes and stopping points, whether during a trip around the nearest region or a long trip abroad.

Braver, parents of older children often choose less popular destinations. In addition to well-known resorts, they also choose distant countries: Panama in the Caribbean, Uganda in Africa, or Iceland in the Atlantic Ocean. The Balkans are very popular: especially Albania and Macedonia.

How to prepare for an organized vacation?

First and foremost insure. The contract should include the costs of any medical treatment abroad, so-called OC clause, i.e. the civil liability clause intended for material and personal damages, accident: the consequences of accidents. It is good if the provision of the contract with the insurer includes a point protecting against the effects of injuries caused during amateur sports.

Before leaving, make sure ours the telephony operator has roaming in the country we're going to. We start it before leaving and write down all the necessary area codes - in the given country and remember how to call the country.

It is also worth it have knowledge of the country, which one we are going to. The basis is knowledge of the currency. It's good to find time to change money (at least in part) before leaving. You can convert the remaining amount in a trusted bank or ATMs on the spot. Exchange offices may offer high margins, hence they are often not recommended.

In addition, knowledge of cultural differences, customs and beliefs is very important when traveling abroad. This will often help us avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary stress. It is also worth talking to children about this topic for whom this information will be an interesting lesson.

In addition, it will be advisable finding family-friendly places. It is also good to make a phone call to the hotel where we will relax to ask about all necessary accessories for children. It is also worth sensitizing children not to drink water of unknown origin. It is safest to enter the principle of drinking bottled water, previously purchased in the store. It is also helpful to take with you the most important medicines used for the most common travel illnesses.

Happy and safe holidays!