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Black seed for immunity, atopic dermatitis, allergies ... and more

Black seed for immunity, atopic dermatitis, allergies ... and more

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Black cumin (Egyptian, Nigella sativa) is an annual plant with blue petals already known in ancient times. Egyptians used to say that is able to heal everything but death. Black seed oil found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. The nigga also mentions the Bible (Book of Isaiah). The plant was known and appreciated later, also in Poland. Black Slavs, for example they sprinkled bread. The oil obtained from black cumin is called the gold of the pharaohs.

Today, the healing properties of black cumin have been scientifically confirmed by independent research centers, and the plant is a real new-old discovery of the 21st century. Black cumin has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Black cumin oil is most commonly used.


Black cumin (black cumin) is widely used. Amazing.

  • It is used for diseases of the upper respiratory tract (asthma, bronchitis).
  • Works great for colds, coughs, can reduce fever,
  • With seed cataract,
  • In allergies,
  • Inflammation,
  • Headaches, toothache,
  • Gastritis (has a relaxant effect),
  • In oncological supportive therapy (especially - pancreatic cancer),
  • With problems with the regulation of sugar levels,
  • For kidney and liver diseases,
  • Fights parasites,
  • In cardiovascular disease, in the case of elevated cholesterol, triglycerides,
  • In acne, atopic dermatitis, in the care of oily skin, in the case of recurrent dandruff.

In addition, black cumin seeds improve appetite, which is why they work for eats.

The most important ingredients of black cumin

Black cumin contains up to 40% fat and very important ingredients:

  • unsaturated fatty acids - we take them with food, the body is unable to produce them. They have an antioxidant effect.
  • linoleic acid - supporting immunity, has a very good effect on the skin condition,
  • Tymochinion - has a very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Studies have shown that thymochinion has a very positive effect in cancer therapy (especially in pancreatic and colorectal cancer). Studies have shown that it also protects the liver.
  • Nigellon - has a strong anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect.

Black cumin and allergy

Black cumin is used to treat allergies in children. It is the youngest children that works best (children respond to it the fastest). The administration of black cumin in many cases alleviates the symptoms of the disease and allows you to reduce the dose of medication used.

Czarnuszka worked during the tests children allergic to pollen, having asthma and food allergies.

Black cumin is well tolerated, it is virtually impossible to overdose (you would have to drink over 1.5 liters of oil per day). It is considered to be very safe herb.

Nigella not recommended for pregnant women, because in theory it can cause uterine contractions. No one has ever studied its effect on nursing mothers, although many young mothers from their own experience confirm that black cumin is good for milk production.

Black cheese

Unfortunately, black cumin has a rather specific, sharp taste (some find a note of oregano or poppy seed in it), so there may be a problem with convincing a child to it. Seeds and oil have a strong, spicy smell and taste reminiscent of bitter coffee. However, it's worth a try. Especially adding black cumin to bread (if you bake it yourself), pies, groats, cottage cheese, pancakes. Also works as addition to salads and pastes. Ground black cumin seeds (you can grind at home) can be an alternative to pepper, because in sensitive people they do not irritate the stomach mucosa. Black cumin can be mixed with coriander, allspice and cząb.

If we buy black cumin oil, then it is worth keeping it well. After opening, black cumin oil should be stored in a dark bottle, away from light, preferably in the fridge. In such conditions, we can use it even for half a year after opening. Black cumin oil is cold pressed, thanks to which it retains all active substances. It can be used for both drinking and massage.