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How to teach a child to count to 10 - the results of the Peg + Cat competition

How to teach a child to count to 10 - the results of the Peg + Cat competition

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Thank you for a lot of competition answers sent to the editorial office. You did not disappoint us and gave hundreds of creative ways to the question "How to teach a child to count to ten?".

We decided to choose the following answers and reward us with the most interesting products funded by MiniMini +.

There are three prizes. Here they are:


MiniMini + and the MiniMini + hits

"Poems poems, nursery rhymes, combinations, - yes, each of these ways is good for a child to learn to count. And it exercises memory.
But in my opinion it's best to teach, having fun, during everyday walks, during ordinary play, when, in total, the child does not even realize that we are putting some rhymes, numbers, etc. into his head.
We counted with my daughter Asia:
- steps going up the stairs
- bars on the ladder in the playground
- pavement tiles, jumping over them
- while playing hide and seek (dad hid and mum helped count)
- colored pencils that we prepared for painting
- won cards at the memory game
That's how Asia learned to count in both Polish and German. And in a very short time she suddenly started counting flawlessly. / Katarzyna Juzwa

2) MiniMini + Fishie hits

How to teach a child to count to ten?

e.g. by using the text of E. Skorek

A small sparrow sits on a wire.
A second flew over and gossiped.
Now let the children practice beautifully
and on the exhale they will count:
-One two

2. A third flew to these sparrows
How many sparrows are there? Count the children.
- One two Three…
Once again maybe

3. And soon a new one was sitting here.
How many sparrows are there? Who will know
-One two three four

4. The fifth sparrow for birds flies.
How many birds are there? Do you know children?
-One two three four five

5. The sixth sparrow will fly right away.
How many sparrows will fly at once?
-One two three four five six

6. Repeat the children, how many sparrows are there today?
-One two three four five six.

and so up to 10 "

Monika Chyczewska

3) MiniMini + Fishie hits

I, my son Tymoteusz ... 4 years old :) learned to count on the TV remote control :) When he wanted to turn on a fairy tale, he had to learn numbers to know what appropriate channel to turn on ... I switched programs with fairy tales from time to time to a different channel and today I can easily recognize numbers and beautifully counts to 10, and even it happens and to 15 :) Slowly we start to add and subtract, but it's already on the fingertips for now within 5 fingers, sometimes we attach the second 5, but daily repetition e.g. while taking a bath fixes his memory :) Also for him fairy tales are and pleasant and useful :)

Edyta Kubik-Tymoszczuk