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The simplest recipe for buckwheat pancakes (gluten-free)

The simplest recipe for buckwheat pancakes (gluten-free)

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Springy, tasty and versatile (great for sweet and salty), and gluten-free? If your child, you or the whole family are on a gluten-free diet, be sure to try this recipe. The person who came up with this idea is simply brilliant!

Express version for gluten-free pancakes


2 cups buckwheat flour

water (you can use cow's milk or vegetable milk)

sugar (if we want)

Two ingredients are enough - buckwheat flour (we can prepare it ourselves best from unroasted buckwheat, which we grind in a better coffee grinder or a special grain mill. If we choose roasted buckwheat - the pancakes will have a more intense taste. For unroasted buckwheat they are more delicate wheat) and water (or milk). Pour the flour into a bowl and add water, mix with a mixer so that a pancake-like dough is formed. We can add a teaspoon of sugar to taste or salt.

Fry on two sides in your favorite oil.

When we have buckwheat, a recipe for pancakes

Pancakes can be made from buckwheat. We'll need more time, but if we don't have a place to grind groats or don't want to buy ready-made buckwheat flour, it's the best way.


  • 2 cups of unroasted groats
  • about a glass of milk or water (can be carbonated)

Rinse buckwheat.

We pour a lot of water and let stand for 8-12 hours. Then pour the water, pour everything into the blender. We add favorite milk or water and mix it for pancake batter.

Fry in a well-heated pan.