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New Year's Eve with a child

New Year's Eve with a child

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We associate New Year's Eve with 100% adult fun. Loud music, fireworks, beautiful creations, usually also alcohol and madness until dawn. The vision of spending the last night of the year with your child is sometimes unattractive. We are afraid that the toddler will not sleep the best, that the sound of firecrackers will not even give us a chance to calmly watch movies until late at night. So what can we do to make New Year's parents happy?


If we have the opportunity to use the support of loved ones, everything seems simpler. Leaving the child in the care of a beloved grandmother, aunt or uncle, allows parents to play peacefully and without stress, whether the child is safe.
An alternative is to use the help of babysitters. However, it can be risky to entrust a child to a completely unknown person for one night. In addition, you must take into account higher rates, which on New Year's Eve can be raised by up to 300%.
In larger cities, it is also possible to leave your child in clubs and private kindergartens, some of which also offer overnight care.

If with a child, then ... maybe a trip?

There are various possibilities. Even at the moment, two days before the party you can find online "sale" offers: New Year's offers. The owners of guesthouses from the mountains, from the sea or in the city are tempted. The most interesting options include the use of fun for children (usually until 19-20), during which the faces of the youngest are painted, a disco, games and a lottery with prizes take place. Shortly after it, when the parents start having fun, you can count on the location of the children in the room, where animators watch over their peaceful sleep.

New Year's trip with a child can last two days, but also four or even a week. It can be combined with SPA treatments and various travel packages. Planning playgrounds, play rooms and equipping them with accessories facilitating functioning allows you to leave with a minimum amount of luggage and ... spontaneously. When choosing New Year's Eve away from home, however, we must take into account the expenditure of at least PLN 500-700 per person for the stay. To sum up the costs of stay, New Year's Eve party, meals and additional attractions, you have to take into account the expenditure of 1500-2000 PLN (for a 2 + 1 family package).

Additional attractions

A few days New Year's Eve stay each day may be full of new attractions: organized together for families and separately for adults and children. By choosing, for example, good accommodation in the mountains, you can also count on organizing and taking part in a family sleigh ride, bonfire with sausages, highlander party. So planned New Year's Eve has its unforgettable atmosphere and can be an interesting way to spend time with the whole family.

Or maybe a theater?

New Year's Eve with a few years old can also be spent in the theater. Virtually every object in a larger city has an interesting proposition. The performances end around 20-21, so after they finish, there is still time to put the toddler to sleep and drink a glass of champagne at midnight.
For example, the Buffo Theater in Warsaw has an interesting offer every year. Watching the musical together can be an interesting way to spend time with a school-age child or younger teenager.

New Year's Eve with a child at home

If you have such an opportunity, it will be interesting to spend New Year's Eve with friends having children. Then just organize a kinderbal, go crazy with the little ones and wait until tired of falling asleep or put them in accordance with the daily ritual. The choice is yours, whether you let the kids go crazy for a long time, or on New Year's Eve you won't give them a reduced fare.

What fun to plan? It all depends of course on the child's age. Certainly the decor will be the key: colorful hats, balloons, streamers. Reliable coloring pages, a twister will also be useful, and for younger children to play with drawing hands, creating fingerprints, etc.

What are the pros of New Year's Eve with the children at home? Certainly, having small children, many parents feel insecure, leaving them after the care of other people at home for the night. In addition, the vision of all-night fun with alcohol without the possibility of a peaceful sleep and recovering the next day ceases to be interesting. It is more tempting to plan the fun until the early hours of the night and go to bed early enough to function normally the next day.