Pregnancy / Childbirth

What can not be pregnant? They show that everything is allowed!

What can not be pregnant? They show that everything is allowed!

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When you become pregnant, your body becomes a shelter for the most important person - a child. It focuses on providing the best conditions for the growth of a developing fetus.

You are aware that a lot depends on you, that's why you try to eat healthy, rest a lot, take care of yourself, all so that the child growing in your stomach has the best conditions for development.

What does this mean, however, the best?

Some mothers argue that their happiness is also important and when they feel fulfilled, the child has the best. Therefore, when their belly becomes already clearly visible, they do not give up climbing, cycling and many activities - officially considered very dangerous during pregnancy. Is that right

Pregnancy and cycling

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It is recommended to wear a helmet for cycling. However, paramedics and doctors working in the emergency room admit that the injuries on the bike concern primarily the pelvis and leg bones, which are not protected in any way.

Therefore, it is recommended to give up cycling during pregnancy, especially if the abdomen becomes large.

However, does this recommendation make sense? - they ask what some future moms.

An accident can happen anywhere, and cycling is a great relaxation and an opportunity to oxygenate yourself and your growing child. In addition, vitamin D is produced during outdoor activities. Supporters of cycling emphasize that as long as we feel good on two wheels, it is worth taking care of a healthy pregnancy and cycling. There is another argument - in Denmark and the Netherlands, in countries where cycling is very popular pregnant women on two wheels do not surprise anyone. It happens that the expectant mother even goes to the hospital to give birth.

However, cycling while pregnant requires some changes:

  • take care of your erect spine,
  • when the tummy is bigger, choose a larger seat,
  • make sure your feet rest securely on the ground,
  • Ride so that you can talk freely while pedaling - this way you can see if the effort is too great.

And what do you think about it? Did you ride a bike while pregnant?

Climbing in pregnancy

Manufacturers designing climbing equipment thought about future mums. Special equipment for pregnant women is available on the market. Thanks to this, you can easily accommodate a growing belly and ensure the safety of conquering the next mountain walls.


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