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Children write letters ...

Children write letters ...

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Santa Claus from our childhood is a symbol of goodness, generosity and selflessness. A benevolent grandfather fulfilling children's dreams. Well, maybe not always. Sometimes, instead of the dream dollhouse, he brought bricks, but it didn't matter. Each new toy was extremely popular, maybe because there were not so many again. There was joy and great gratitude for it - after all, somewhere, there is a saint who cares for me and wants to please me. The letters to Mikołaj were full of mistakes, requests and thanks. Today, it is increasingly full of demands.

Mikołaj, this year I want to get ...

This heading was given to an eight-year-old letter, which I had recently fallen into my hands. Below was a list of a dozen or so "dreams", all straight from the pre-Christmas advertising blocks. There was no ending, neither please nor thank you. This is not a letter, but a list of demands, I thought, and I felt sad. Of course, we could discuss the ingratitude and claims of today's children, but this will solve the problem. Instead, let's consider what we have done so that our kids do not enjoy anything for more than five minutes and have no real dreams.

Christmas all year round

We buy for various reasons.

Out of guilt- because we don't have time for children, so we give them pleasure in the fastest way - fulfilling the whim.

Because we can- we have funds so that our child does not have to wait for months for a new toy.

Because we didn't have toand now a whole lot of wonderful gadgets.

Because the child wants and we can't refuse.

Because other children have.

Because our status today is not only the car brand and housing standard, but also quantity and quality of children's toys.

We do not let the child wait for the desired toy, and as a result we buy a lot of things that the child not only does not need, but in fact does not want. Oh, they watched the ad and said: I want it!

If he watches ten ads, he will ask the same question ten times: will you buy me?

We want to give our children pleasure. Unfortunately, overwhelming children with presents just so much as not robbing "special" days of their magic, but also unleashing our children patience. In this way, we make it impossible for them to feel the joy of receiving a truly dream gift. The dream must have time to "gain power", otherwise it is only a whim.

Some parents make it clear: since I can afford it, I will please my child. Let it have, I did not have. And here I ask: do you really believe that in this way you can make your child happy? Remember, then, the magical taste and smell of festive oranges and sweets, traditional dishes that remind us of distant Christmas Eve in an unchanged recipe to this day. When you put a piece of grandma's poppy seed in your mouth, you know that it was worth waiting for another year. If you had these specialties every day, they would be just one of many ordinary meals. Here's what we take from our children - the true taste of festive moments.

A harvest defeat

A dozen gifts for a three-year-old girl. From several pieces of interactive animals, through creative sets, board games, blocks, dolls. There is also a pram. Mum's relationship is astounding. These several items are not a list of inspirations, but authentic, already bought gifts (with the annotation that it is far from Christmas, so probably something else will fall). That amount of "pleasure" would have a stupid effect on an adult. How will it affect a small child? I'm not even trying to guess, I'm just wondering what's next?

Maybe several-page request lists - longer and more expensive each year. Without a shadow of reflection, humility or modesty. Just another dozen gadgets, ever more sophisticated (because everything has). And less and less joy, of course. After all, this is just another completed shipping order.

Psssst ... Santa Claus ... it's you

Every year, we painfully remember who Santa is. We fight for his (or our) reputation for a whole year. It is up to us, our attitude and our way of raising children whether Santa will be a beloved, long-awaited old man who fulfills his dreams, or just one of many couriers delivering more toys.