A storm in a glass of water? So about elephant, boy and erection?

A Polish woman living permanently in Trondheim, Norway sparked a heated discussion about the textbook there. Agnieszka's six-year-old son brought homework from school. From the picture pasted by the teacher, the boy was to write all subjects beginning with "e".

What a mum's surprise it was when she looked into her son's notebook and saw the following illustration:

But what's the matter?

I admit my first reaction was disbelief. Confident that the whole situation is a misunderstanding, I followed the developments. He even got involved in the case the minister of education himself, calling it "a storm in a glass of water." He praised his parents' vigilance, but he did not see anything inferior in the illustration. He said that this might not be a task for six-year-olds, but he added that we adults look at the world a bit differently.

For an adult mind ...

It is difficult to reasonably explain the situation presented in the picture above. As the task was to capture all the words for "e" the adult mind assumed that in addition to elephants and apples (in Norwegian they begin with "e") we also see erection and ejaculation there. In addition, the latter straight to the trunk of a smiling animal. To sum up: sex, bestiality, perversion. Thus, the fever that engulfed the parents is fully justified. Teachers stick to their notebooks devastating tasks!

What does the child see?

To give the defenders a chance, I asked my three-year-old daughter for help. She stared at the picture for a moment, then said that it depicts: an elephant who splashes water on the boy. The boy is lying under a tree. He is a naked man. That's it. There were no ejaculations, perversions and indecent associations.

Different point of view.

My daughter's help meant that the illustration that had just amazed me a moment ago ceased to be shocking and indecent. I have no idea what the author's idea was, whether there is a "key" to solve the task or whether there is full freedom. It's possible that there are six-year-olds who will see erection and ejaculation in the picture, but I don't think there are many. The vast majority will see an elephant splashing the naked boy with water.

Sex, sex, sex everywhere ...

We adults really think differently. We combine nudity and sex. If the boy from the drawing was not naked, no one would think of erotic contexts. Drawing briefs would save him from being accused of dealing with a smiling elephant. Lecheously smiling, prompts the adult mind.

What does the illustration really show? I do not know. Everyone sees in it what they want to see. Following my daughter's advice, I am leaning towards the option of water. I can't check what the six-year-old claims about the picture.

And what do you think about him? Are we really talking about a storm in a glass of water, or are we dealing with a fully justified fight for the innocence of children?