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What does it mean to be a good father? Is it enough to just be, spend time and watch?

Will a good father agree to raise a child in not necessarily favorable conditions, or will he give up and give him to a place where he will be better, but will be brought up by a stranger?

To what extent can one think about spiritual needs when one cannot satisfy the basic physical needs necessary for the development of a small person? How to reconcile being a good parent raising a child with the performance of official duties? How much can you forget about yourself, give up your plans and dreams? How to protect a child from suffering so as not to harm him with his attitude, to let him learn from his mistakes?

"Good Father" is a multilevel book that touches on many difficult problems: lone parenthood, mourning after a child, the limits of sacrifice for another person, the limits of a parent's interference in a child's life, control and protection against potential evil, the issue of parent's infallibility and their emotions towards an adult child's partner. It is very difficult to mention in a few sentences all the problems that Diane Chamberlain touches through the mouth of three narrators.

This is undoubtedly an interesting position for every parent who wants to play their role in a conscious way, constantly working on how it is now for their child and how it affects the future. This is a novel about puberty and moral dilemmas, about the fight for a better tomorrow.

Travis is a young boy, barely over twenty. However, four years earlier he had to abandon the life typical of his colleagues and take care of the child - Bella. The situation forced him to give up his dream of becoming a biologist, he took up what could give him money right away - work on the building. He is doing well despite the crisis. The mother of the girl waives the rights to the child. Everything is going fairly well, to the day of the unfortunate accident, when Travis's house burns down and his mother dies, who was looking after little Bella during Travis's work.

From now on, the intricately connected pieces of the puzzle begin to fall apart. As a last resort, Travis is faced with difficult tests. The novel of manners turns into a criminal one. Holds in suspense, not allowed to put on the shelf. It draws attention to the last card.

The question asked by Chamberlain in the novel is difficult. I don't know the right answers. I don't know how far a person can go to ensure a good life for a child. I don't know how much he can afford to protect them. It is easy to hypothesize and theorize, until a person finds himself in a specific situation ...

The novel is structured in such a way that it is difficult to unequivocally judge the characters' behavior. What seemed black suddenly turns gray ... to turn into white at the right angle. And this is the greatest asset of this novel - its ambiguity and emotions that trigger a kind of internal examination of conscience.

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