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Shirts - competition results

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We are pleased to announce the results of the competition organized together with the

The competition task was as follows:

  • list your ways for convenient breastfeeding

"My ideal ways:

- I have a comfortable armchair with high elbow support, which wonderfully relieves my arm and can even be put down during feeding,
- I have a special pillow that I used to sleep during pregnancy, now at night feeding I wrap it twice and also creates a great support under the elbow,
- if I have a sore breast, then a sensational way is to use a headscarf, we tie it around the neck, pulling it up the breast so that the milk is easier to suck from below and the child does not stagnate,
- sometimes I like to hold a child the other way around, i.e. I put it under my arm, I put the head to my breast and the pup is on my side. "
Karolina Zwierska