Choose a book for Santa's competition results

Choose a book for Santa's competition results

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With the Debit Publishing House we have prepared for you St. Nicholas' Competition, in which you can win books under our patronage.

Be sure to read the short review of each of them and choose the book you would like to receive.

You can win 3 books "Leszek Peszek" and 3 books "Kiki runs away from the circus".

How to do it?

Use the comments field below the entry. Write in it which book you choose - 1 or 2 and write why.

Don't forget to enter a valid email address. Only thanks to him we will be able to contact you in order to transfer the prize.

1) Leszek Peszek

A novel for children aged 9 to 12 years. Crazy, full of unexpected twists and turns, with interesting graphics that encourage independent reading.

Leszek is a boy who attracts amazing coincidences. On the one hand he is very lucky to make every day look completely different, on the other his adventures abound in funny unlucky situations. Fate likes a small rebel to blow his nose, and at the same time teach him something very important that he would not otherwise understand.

Leszek is a boy who has his own opinion and ... lots of secrets. The one to which the girls sigh, experiencing their first love. He is a boy entering his teenage years in a home where no one matches his temperament.

Leszek Peszek is a very optional reading - as we read on the cover. It is really worth attention because it entertains and teaches ...

2) Kiki escapes from the circus

"Kiki escapes from the circus" is a proposition of Wojciech Emperor, an author whose book about the adventures of a resolute dog we have already admired on our website (co-author Katarzyna Terechowicz). Look here.

Wojciech Cesarz, in his familiar style, presents the adventures of young children and nice animals, so that they become interesting not only for several-year-olds, but also for parents reading a book. Animals and brave children - especially little Kiki have features that children can identify with, experience adventures, claiming their right to be treated well. Together they act against the despotic circus director - Zdzisław Carrambie. Do they manage to achieve the goal and what challenges do they face?


The competition runs until November 30 until midnight!


Which book do you choose?

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