Cheap products for children

Cheap products for children

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When the family budget is calculated as to the zloty, you have to deal with choosing the most attractive offer from the thicket of proposals. Below we publish a list of the cheapest products for children this week.


  • Pampers diapers- The price of packaging for Pampers Active Baby diapers (only in size 3, 150 pcs) is PLN 89.99 at Tesco and is lower by as much as PLN 30. However, in Real you will get them 5gr cheaper and in addition with a bonus in the form of wet wipes. For a pack of diapers from the same series (mini, midi and maxi sizes) in Kaufland you will spend 54.95 PLN. More expensive, because for 56.99 PLN you will pay in Piotr and Paweł, but there you will receive free Baby Fresh wipes.
  • Huggies diapers- Different types of Huggies Super Dry diapers are available at Carrefour for PLN 38.99.
  • Wet wipes- 3 packages of Cleanic Kindii Dzidziuś wipes will carry you at Carrefour PLN 11.69. You can buy a packaging of Pampers Naturally clean wipes at the Polo Market 28% off, for just 4.99 PLN.


  • Yogurts, desserts- Amateurs of small Danonków for two sets (8x90g) of cheese at Tesco will pay only 8.99 PLN. At the same market you will save PLN 1.40 on every 190g jar of Hipp dessert, paying PLN 4.59 for Kasia. In E.Leclerc for 130g Deserek Gerber you have to spend 2.59 PLN (in Real 2.69 PLN). By buying 3 BoboVita desserts in Intermarche in 190g jars you will pay only for 2 pieces, i.e.- PLN 8.99.
  • Waters, juices, nectars- If your kids like Bobo Frut juices, then 4 bottles (300ml) will carry you at E.Leclerc PLN 9.39. At Intermarche you will pay a similar price for PLN 9.79, the same amount applies to the Polo Market. A single juice or nectar in Real will amount to 2.79 PLN.
  • porridge- You can buy BoboVita 180g rice porridges at Carrefour for PLN 4.79. However, milk and rice porridge from the same producer in Real costs PLN 6.79.
  • Milk- You will save 28% by buying Nan milk in 350g packs at Polo Market. You will pay PLN 11.99 for each of them. The offer is only valid on July 30.


  • For girls- Baby Born Splashing Bobas doll is available at Tesco at a price reduced by PLN 150, i.e. PLN 49.
  • For boys- If your kids dream of a colorful dump truck, you will find the perfect model at Tesco for just PLN 37.49.


  • For the garden- You can now buy a huge trampoline with protection (width 140cm, height 180cm) at Tesco for PLN 199.99 (cheaper by PLN 300). There you will also get a 90x90cm tent with Cars or Princess fairy tales for PLN 44.99 (currently PLN 89.99). You can get a garden rocker in the shape of a snail, which was made of plastic, in Kaufland for less than PLN 60.
  • vehicles- At Tesco, all 12 ”and 16” bikes have a 30% discount.
  • To kindergarten and school- In Carrefour at attractive prices you will get a layette that will be useful to every student. Plasticine (12 colors) will cost you 1.99 PLN, A4 block 0.99 PLN, cutouts in an A5 case 1.99 PLN, colored pencils (12 colors) 2.49 PLN, notebook A5 / 16 cards 0.59 PLN.


  • Blouses, t-shirts- You can buy sweatshirts with long or short sleeves for children from 98 to 164cm in Carrefour for PLN 9.99.

The duration of the promotion

Tesco July 26 - August 1
Carrefour 25.07-30.07
E. Leclerc 24.07-5.08
Intermarche July 26 - August 1
Kaufland July 26 - August 1
Piotr i Paweł 25.07- 31.07
Polo Market 25.07-31.07 or 30.07-30.07
Real 26.07-01.08